Jack smelting card nerfed ? 150%?

I just saw today that the smelting card has become 150% instead of 250%.
The card has been nerfed or it is a bug ?

This was nerfed some time ago I think.

Yep,nerfed,now you have to work x2 to get same energy,and now that they allowed him to grab energy from power tabs,more work for you too!

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I just played a game. Strangely, when I melt weapons, the energy given is 250% like before O_o.
So nothing’s changed in-game but the card has changed today.

This isn’t the first time TC has accidentally changed the description before an actual change.

We found out about a few of the OP3 changes a week or two early from a polish user who posted that a number of his card descriptions changed, but they hadn’t changed in practice

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Nerf, nerf, nerf, nerf, nerf, nerf is all I am seeing from TC.

Time to see buff, buff, buff, buff, buff.


Was it ever 250%? I thought it was only 200%, then it was nerfed to 150% in Op3.

EDIT: This is correct, as a Hammerburst when forged gives you 120 power without optimiser, with the 150% boost gives you 300 power. Previously before Op3 you would get 200% which would be 360 power.

Nothing wrong here then.


I think the confusion is from the difference between adding 150% and making it 150%

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Yeah this got nerfed probably like a month ago or so. Also I don’t think it was ever 250% I thought it used to be 200%. It was kinda needed though, even now Jack is still extremely valuable.

I’m pretty sure it used to only be 200%.

I’m pretty sure this change was made with the intention of making power taps more valuable, but the problem with that is their random spawn locations that can and will appear on the other side of the map instead of in a location viable for where your base is at(aka spawning nearby but requiring some extensions to use the tap and keep it safe, not necessarily already inside the base). While Jack is a reliable power source if he’s actively getting weapons whenever possible. It still hasn’t changed much.

I personally like the random taps because it forces people to change up and adapt to where they want their base. I am a huge fan of the new taps, so many people don’t want to take advantage of them though.

I don’t have a problem with them spawning not inside the base. But 99% of players won’t take the chance to move their entire base when the game decides to spawn a lone tap on the other side of the map. Or just make none spawn anywhere near.

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Because the risk isn’t really worth the reward.

Not a lot of people want to move themselves for the sake of 5000 extra power each wave. When you can get more power from Jack smelting 4 hammerbursts.


I think the taps are, people don’t have to use them, I personally am a big fan of them. If they spawned in the same spots every time it would get really stale very fast. Them being random forces people to adapt on the fly which is a good thing.

150% is still more then enough when you have a good jack. Perks are cheaper now.

One of my friends like to play as jack and this is her personal record from yesterday.
All players were perked up.


My group usually builds very little for the first 10, banking power, then build our base around the first tap.

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It doesn’t force anything. Nobody is going to move the entire base to the other side of the map if they don’t feel it’s worth the risk.

Then don’t do it simple as that

It was 200% so on a Level 4 Forge a Regular Weapon gave 360 now it’s 300… BUT the Prices for maxing out Perks were cut in Half so no Problem,

To be honest first i thought this was a horrible Change - turns out its perfecly fine the Way it is now.