Jack skins. And upgrades

I was just wondering about jack skins. And is there any more I can buy. I only play him you see and I’ve reached level 20 and wondered if jack can upgrade more just healing and zapping is cool but in the campaign he can do a temp shield and flash bang.

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The healing-beam card isn’t worth it and while the Zapper-damage is disappointing it’s still better than nothing. The bleeding in combination with Backstab and whatever the regen-card is called is really good though.

Featured might have some in the future. Until then you’re stuck with whatever is available for him. Heroic Jack is the best one so far imo next to his 8bit-skin.

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Like you said thats in the campaign. Different abilities in the campaign. This is multiplayer its completely different. They chose for him to have the Hijack one and thats it. Have you been playing multiplayer or the game since launch. ? I can’t imagine any person who would ONLY play with the jack class that must be pretty boring especially when he was always used previously as a forger and healer. I played jack a bit around those times and it was so repetitive and boring sometimes i would just quit out because of how bored i was getting.