Jack Problem In horde, Mainly higher difficulties

A while back there was a bug that allowed a hijacked enemy to trade weapons with a player which allowed the player to do 3x damage with the AI’s weapon. Obviously this needed to be patched and rightly was but the unintended effect of this is now when Jack hijacks an enemy he does not get any damage bonus like he used to.

So if you take over a enemy now compared to before this bug was patched your damage is next to nothing. And the only real use of hijack now is to combine it with the skill card that kills the enemy after the hijack ends, Also this makes the new skill card that jack gets to deal bleeding damage with hijacked enemies pointless, as well as the previous one that extends hijack time with kills.

Solution: Simply allow hijacked enemies to maintain their damage buffs without making them able to transfer the weapon to a team mate.

As jack is right now hijack is pointless to use for offensive means and its only good for killing one enemy by hijacking and canceling the ability.

Of course this is my opinion but I feel this should be addressed to make jack more viable on higher difficulties rather than being stuck to being a smelter and healer.

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Jack can now get a bleed damage card so that does help mitigate this, at least once you are high enough to unlock it.

I mentioned this in my post and i do not think it helps much at all as 20% of nothing is nothing, and to pick that card over something else when its effect with be nearly unnoticeable is a no go.

It does go higher than 20% but I do agree if the base isn’t high then it wont do a ton.

I personally wouldn’t mind more offensive jack builds, like with some of the campaign abilities.


I know it does but unless its insane like 500% it wont have any meaningful effect and its a yellow card so its harder to level up . On master hijack an enemy like the dr1 with the salvo and shoot something that is more than a leech or juvie and you will see how little damage you do, Especially with regen you cannot do anything meaningful let alone get kills.

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Claw is a much better option to Hijack but i do agree with you :slight_smile:

We did a horde on nexus yesterday and I hijacked an emago and used its enforcer to kill a stump. I had lvl one bleed card on.

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Even that is useless on master by the time you get a chance to shoot long enough to kill anything you have been killed yourself and they have regenerated to full.

Agreed. I mean, why relegate Jack to do the work of an engineer? Jack could definitely balance both offence and defence. Jack also has a partial combat medic ability also going for it.

As for offensive abilities… maybe add cards for:

  • Beam splitter: Could zap multiple enemies at once

  • Frost flash

I wish Jack could be an ‘All rounded’ character.


I think if he was like he is in the campaign he would be better even without the healing beam maybe make that a skill card add on but as he is at this moment he is just a healer and smelter a very back seat role which is boring.

Does anyone know why Jack now can get 2,5 million damage on a boss wave. Is it the passive that is glitched?

It is just some kind of bug or glitch that happens when the hijacked enemy blows up.

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Okay, I thought double points for the zapper all went to Jack or something in that direction. Have not experienced it before but now it happens every other wave

Thats not true. For some stupid reason it appears to be weapon specific.

Playing last nigh (master) t i accidently took over an oppressor (acvidently because i knew those were useless from before). Dsmage numbers showed as little over 100 per bullet. On master. A trishot doing 100 per bullet… Pure bs!

But then i took over a mulcher scion and was doing over 600 per bullet! That worked…

I dont remember seeing damage nu.bers from hijacked enemies, is this new ? @Hu1k_Daddy @GhostofDelta2

Also re bleed: as was explained byTC, the bleed vslue in the card is the amount PER BLEED TICK, and there are 5 of those, once a second: so 20% bleed means 100% ( 5 * 20%] extra damage, just over next 5 seconds.

So a mulcher which does 1200 per bullet (level 1 bleed card) would be highly formidable…

So @TC_MichaelAOS : why are the damage numbers so inconsistent and unrealistic when it comes to hijacked enemies?? Mulcher 600, trishot 100 (plus change)???

Really feels like a calculated per weapon nerf… There is no way that opressors do 100 danage per bullet then shooting AT US, so WTF?

“Despite the tone of this thread this is actually a bug and will be fixed ‘soon’”, eh?

Btw, i also took over an ice scion, was trying to slow down the warden… The cryo did NOTHING… i mean literally ZERO effect… W…t…f…


Jack as been patch left and right not only you can’t trade but damage drop but there was a bug or intended design with duration extension that could make you go for unlimited that was patch or “fix”

The bleed card is good I would say INCOMING NERF JACK for some enemy I will not give name but it’s a classic day in gear 5 the duration card in the other end is lacking 25% of what? actual duration or ultimate base duration ?
But yeah still waiting for a hud for the resupply jack card because you can’t tell if the gun is recharged and can dispawn when drop

I have seen damage numbers consistently, may have been an issue for you on console perhaps?

Ok… I just never noticed them before, i guess…

They may not have shown up for you, hard to know

I know he’s a mini boss, but why can’t I hijack a warden anymore after I shoot his helm off, you can do it in campaign…

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You can hijack gardien in campaign too (desert area with condor crash site )