Jack on keeping team alive in crucial situations

As a long time jack player I’m displaying my tips and personal preferences on how I manage to keep my team alive. I most play in random lobbies and noticed how many undisciplined Jacks fail their roles.

  1. Stay Alive
    -The most important thing is to stay alive. I know it seems so simple, but honestly that’s just what it is. Once a jack goes down, 60% of the time someone will go abd try the revive no matter what the situation. Its mostly players with low spatial awareness, but even some good players would make that mistake in later waves due to the fear of ironically losing that clutch revive factor. It sets off a chain reaction of downed players which usually results in a wipe. And those who don’t risk their lives are left without your essential aid if base is overrun. It’s important to never go and avoid putting team in such situations. Also, its more likely that you’ll be able to receive teammates tags if last one standing than others. Kait can with cloak, but it’s on a timer.

  2. Reviving
    -Okay the first thing I usually do is to recognize teammates patterns and positioning. Players have their spots and tend to stick with them throughout the match. This helps locate teammates quickly when they go down. I notice a lot of jack players taking forever to get a revive and most of it is the awareness of where players are. So after identifying players favorite spots and niches, I know when they go down where theyll be just by hearing their voice. I don’t neccessarily have to search the map when I know that tgat JD tends to roam around this certain area or that kait hangs around that spits 80% of the time. Knowing where each of your teammates are helps cut down the revive time which can save them from execution. But there’s also knowing when and when not to revive which comes with situational awareness. Unfortunately there will times where you will not be able to revive a teammate in a situation where youll be downed yourself. Most Jacks like to go for the immediate revive but that can be deadly on later waves on higher difficulties. By the time you get them up, youll be down and most likely they won’t be able to get you up. You to to be far when reviving to avoid fire until you cloak back. Make sure to how crowded it is as well to avoid getting blown down. Thats where his movement can be key especially with sentinels. And if a player is downed in the open , get behind cover and utilize that reach.

  3. Ultimate
    -This can be a huge decoy and detterance for the team almost all enemies are focused on the hijacked. And a quick explosion can take out a nice scion.

  4. Zapper

  • Do not use this as offense. Use it to stun certain enemies like scions or wardens close to taking the team out. You can save a lot of teammates from dying if used right.

This is a basic guide for Jack players that go down way too often or fail to revive as needed.


I won’t be surprised when someone starts calling for Jack to be nerfed.

Just delete the post man. Let no one see this lol.