JACK Levelling Up Question (Gears: Tactics)

From what I understand, XP is given out to units in Tactics based on (1) completing the mission; (2) kills attributed to the individual unit; and (3) downs attributed to each individual unit.

Now with JACK, it’s obvious that XP is given out quite differently because JACK doesn’t have many offensive abilities which damage and kill enemies (especially early on), yet he still gets XP. My question is - am I right in thinking that the amount of XP is due to usage of his abilities?

If so, my next question, is does anyone know how it’s calculated? Specifically:

(a) Can you just spam abilities like Wingman on your team mates?

(b) Is there a cap per mission for XP?

(c ) Do you get more XP if buffing your team mates (or debuffing enemies) leads to a direct kill by a team mate?

The post mission stats for units tells you how many kills they got etc, but the stats for JACK are different and make reference to abilities used as well - hence why I thought there is a correlation to XP.


Following because I am curious

Jack’s level caps out at lvl 7 and by the time you reach the end of the campaign you will should reach lvl 6.

I used the shock capsules and toxic capsules for the most part and hijack only when I needed to take a new enemy type (only for the achievement tracker and then reload the save)

As I played Jacked mode only once on insane difficulty, I invested in the Hijack tree first and then went for the boomshot drop (this is really useful for the Ukkon fight)