Jack information | Operation 7

Neat information about Jack Hijack/defense stuff. Also if the Phrase “Tested” is shown next to something then that means I tested it.


Jack has a weird property where if he builds a turret or defense that deals damage to enemies and then Jack hijack’s and enemy, instead of being unnoticed (enemies in passive state), Enemies will be alerted to Jack and attempt to kill (his mind controlled target) him. Additionally, when Jack kills an enemy with defenses/any means, he gains some ultimate back.
Moreover, Jack’s perk (Ultimate Cool down) cuts the amount of time/damage/kills required to get his ultimate in half, in all circumstances. Therefore the best Jack setup clings to three main things, Correct unit choice (varies), Correct defensive options (turrets and barbed wired), and his ultimate cooldown. These three things together can make Jack a force to be reckoned with.

Hijack: (Duration, Info, and Targets)
Drones last for 30 Seconds (With Backstab card maxed get 7.5 additional seconds) Tested

Melee Characters (Reject, Sire, etc) lasts for 20 Seconds Tested (5 additional seconds per kill)
(I hijacked the Sire and Reject and both times remained the same)

Pouncer lasts for 25 Seconds ( Around 5 seconds per kill) Tested

Scions last for 20 Seconds (Varies but around 5 seconds per kill) Tested

You can now hijack Palace Guards but they deal abnormally low damage. (Torque Bow does lots of damage on head shot for some weird reason though)

Wardens, Sentinels, Leeches, Guardians, stump, bosses, etc. cannot be hijacked

Locust/Lambent Drones deal 3x Damage (Shred fodder enemies | Normal Drone type variant and last for thirty seconds)

The Swarm Elite Drone only lasts for 25 Seconds (Used to be around thirty nerfed?) Tested

Locust/Lambent Grenadiers deal around 600 Damage flat (Gnasher | Very close to poucer)
Testing Needed for Duration, I believe it is around 25-30 seconds. (Cannot use or throw grenades even if hijacked when they have a grenade/boltok in their hands instead they immediately swap to shotgun and can’t see/select grenades or pistol)

Backstab (Hijack card):
Hijack kills no longer slows down how fast hijack is used, Basically, take 1/4 of the time from initial hijack (30 seconds = 7.5 seconds per kill added to the gauge) That diminishes/varies depended on unit selected.
Lastly, there appears to have been a bug in the past that significantly increased hijack duration but it seems to have been patched.
(important Note) I am not a game maker or scientist most of these are educated guess although the ones with the phrase “Tested” I did actually run a timer for or have tried in game.

Tl;Dr Enemies that you hijack have slightly varied times for how long they can be used and killing enemies with the BACKSTAB card gives back FLAT TIME for each enemy killed.


So it is true. It always felt like Scions don’t last that long compared to Drones.