Jack - in horde mode

Hi Coalition…can I have a record feature when playing as Jack in horde mode please? This way I can float around cloaked and record in horde wave footage so I can give you evidence of how bad GOW5 horde mode is. The saying is you can’t fix what you don’t measure…so recording games as Jack would give you that measurement. I mean a single Jack footage has to be worth at least several thousand well reasoned GOW5 horde rants you will ignore. So it’s also efficient if I had a record feature as Jack.

Psst if you let me record people’s reaction to being rammed it a specific character or their stream lined understanding of the new, what’s the word you used…oh yeah fundamental change, to the UI and skills progression system…it will be with your time.

Help me help you document this dumpster :fire:…I mean new horde mode.

Thank you.

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Not sure if this is a joke, but you can already play as Jack in Horde. He’s the support role and heals other characters, repairs fortifications and collects weapons around the map to place back at the base or to other characters.

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Not sure if you can read but, he’s talking about having a feature - being able to record clips while playing jack.

I can read, and the post has been edited since I made my reply. Originally it asked to play as Jack in Horde mode. Hence my reply. Now the post has been edited, and I assume the OP may not have realised Jack is playable in Horde.

Not sure if you can read between the lines, but he’s not doing that at all. He’s going on yet another repetitive rant about not liking something in Gears 5, that already has a dozen other threads about it.

What? What is wrong with Horde mode? I love it?

Well, it’s not as good and enjoyable as Gears of War 3 horde mode was. Mainly, imo, because of the Skill cards stuff and how Horde mode revolves around it. Like if you don’t have this set of cards, well, you gonna have a bad time. Among many other reasons.

I’m more baffled by the fact that Jack has no emote or expressions. I mean, Bastion in OW has those. So why not there. Why no flashbang abilities, could be useful to help revive your teammates.