Jack in horde bug

So I was playing as Jack in horde last night on wave 44 or so. I hijacked a scion and starting mowing down swarm when I saw a teammate needed reviving.
I was also getting blasted with the crying cannon so I used Y to cancel the hijack and go save my team mate

From that point on my Jack was being frozen and injured alternately until the end of the game, it never downed me but I could barely move and left me near to death the whole time.
We still finished all 50 waves but nothing I did could release this cycle
Just another one for TC to look into

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Yep, i already made a thread about this, got no replies nor views …
you have to die to reset the frozen state, it’s the only fix …

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Thanks I’ll remember that if it ever happens again

It has something to do with the early exit, but if they guy you hijack dies early it’s also a trigger. I’ve had all sorts of things brake on him: I’ve lost the stun attack, lost cloaking, lost the hover over obstacles (you have to move like a normal guy, but without cover or mantling)