Jack in Escape - - - - -

Kinda curious why Jack never got added to the Escape-roster. Balancing, technical difficulties with the Hijack or they didn’t feel like introducing a cutscene/excuse for Jack getting into the Hive?

Healing-beam wouldn’t be broken anymore, but I could see how broken Hijack could be especially with the bleeding + extension, especially since most Hives don’t suffer from Exe-rules.

As far as I can remember it was a balancing thing as to why they didn’t add Jack to Escape, stated on some stream when I was still watching them.

Probably because of the cloaking ability, without which Jack would probably be a whole lot less useful.

So why not disable the cloak? Damage-output should still be decent with the Zapper-card and damage could be avoided by proper positioning.

Idk, would be nice to get something that shakes things up slightly in Escape.

Playing Del atm is pretty neat with the Enforcer-cards but there’s only so much fun to have.

@TC_Kilo1062 wanna share some thoughts/input with us if you guys would have the ressources/interest in bringing Jack to Escape?

Some tiles don’t even have any proper covers on most of them to use for Jack while he is floating higher up which would make him a big obvious target for Snipers and Drone Elites(or most ranged enemies) while flying through them. Now of course, that’s what you have teammates for, but would still have to be considered nonetheless. And I doubt that currently TC would be willing to put in the effort for Jack in Escape since they decided to do a full 180 and just make no maps whatsoever for it with Op 5 because people still complained about lack of maps for Horde and Versus.

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True, maybe changing cloak to be a stationary thing only or increasing the range to enemies where you start decloaking would be a good compromise.

Kinda ironic considering that the Barracks-tiles were part of the reason why maps were released at a slower pace iirc and now they never really got used. The projector-room-tile is only used on War-room. What even was the point of creating all these tiles then?

With the way Jack’s cloak works, you could just solo most maps by floating past all of the enemies lol.

Definitely not something they want.

You would decloak on most maps multiple times and they could also extend the duration before you cloak again. I’m certain it could work in a way that isn’t broken. Then again, why would TC waste time balancing a class for a dead game-mode…

Or force players to have at least 1 player present, otherwise Jack remains locked. Would also function as an excuse how Jack got in there. Just strap him on the back of that person.

Snatchers only take humans, not bots :crazy_face:

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Deebee skin exists just to break the mould! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Yeah, that went out the window with DB/Jinn-bot.

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Deebees and Jinn-Bot are at least human-shaped, which is more than you can say for Jack.

PvE is non-canon either way but in 4s campaign Pouncers start hijacking your DeeBees so I would expect that they’re able to differentiate between humans and robots.

All they gotta do is make a unique cinematic for Jack entering the hive, maybe have a sequence where its cloak gets damaged on the way to rendezvous with the other 2 players, presto, Jack in Escape with proper balancing in mind.

I figured he could just follow the Snatcher while stealthed but being in close proximity to all the Swarm biomatter messing with the tech in some way(I just assume it does due to how a Pouncer could take over the Jinn-bot with its quills and that there is some possibility the DBs in the town with the radio tower in Gears 4s story - Speyer by name - were experiencing similar malfunctions due to the presence of the Swarm, not that MP balancing really needs a lore/story excuse.