Jack in Deebee out of horde mode...odd?

If TC would ever put the deebee in horde what class would he/she(i see no reason they can’t have male and female versions of deebees)this way you can have 2 of them with different skill cards sets and classes.(Simple add female voice lines for her.)

Male deebee(Fire support and can drop upto 5 ammo crates on the battlefeild before he needs to regerate 5 more.)(blue and silver)
Female deebee(Base support also carries repair tool and can heal like jack can plus can use weapons unlike jack who shock ability is limited)(white and silver)

This allows del time to fight instead of being stuck at the base all day.As he gets the base built the deebee support unit mantaines it for him.

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Did you assume genders for robots???

Classic Shino man NEVER CHANGE


Bruh wut?:man_facepalming:t4:

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Classic shino baz post

heuuuuuuuuu… ok

Assuming the genders of Deebees? Check your privilege.

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Just give a deebee a female voice and it’s a simple as that.

But how do the deebees mate?

Deebee don’t mate baird just attaches what ever add gender part the deebee needs for whoever order one.

Oh, okay.