Jack Glitch in Horde with Weapon Pickup

I’ve run into a glitch with Jack while playing Horde twice now. If I am in the middle of picking up a weapon and get downed at the same time, my screen will show a “dead” omen, but I’m not laying on the ground dead. I can still fly around, but my controls are reversed on the left stick and my right stick won’t look around. Teammates can’t pick you up, and you can’t do anything… except leave the game.

There was a similar bug in Gears 4 where if you chainsawed or Retro charged the last enemy and got downed by said enemy as it was killed you’d be stuck in some kind of weird between life between death thing where you could still walk around and a death omen showed on the map in your place with the camera and controls all messed up, with enemies ignoring you. A workaround I found was to stand in front of an enemy with a big gun(Snipers or Boomshot Scions, for example) to get shot by it. Would kill you, but next wave your character would be back to normal. Maybe it would work here too?

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First tme yesterday afternoon,it happened to me OP,on the map forge,that exactly happened to me had to quit which really upset me.on wave 28.(Got a team,who was working as a team)Yet another bug sadly,what TC should do something ie fix the glitch with fabricator/and other bugs asap

Last night we were playing a horde match and had two new bugs introduced, well at least to our group. One, Jack was moving the forge and got stuck in place. Two, we had the flock as a boss and it was under the map for a good part of the wave. Just another example of @the-coalition work of fixing one thing and ruining 2. Unfortunately just like Gears 4 versus will take priority like usual even tho horde has kept 5 going. The hero system has degraded horde and a contributing reason why characters are released almost non-existent.

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I’ve had this happen to me a couple of times. Every time I’ve been able to steer out in to the open and get myself killed to go back to normal.

This one is quite common. I’ve seen it on Harbor and Forge, maybe also on Lift.


This existed in 3 as well. I’ll see if I can find it but I have a clip of me playing as Dom on Gridlock and that happened. Was neck snapping a drone and got downed. A bot revived me and i was hit by the boomshot as i was being revived. I only have the clip of the glitch itself.

This may be off topic, but see no need for an additional thread. I received a video and message that showed a Jack take over a pouncer during wave 50 that breached the base on Harbor. The main boss was a Kestrel that instantly downed the entire team while Jack’s high jack was still active. Unfortunately, it ended the game. Technically, the Jack was still alive. I know I am missing something here. I’m just the messenger. I’ve done no testing myself.

I had an awesome glitch some time back, i had Jack selected as a character to play, then decided at the last second to choose Fahz, and what i ended up with was jack with a Markza and a Longshot. I recorded it, and even tried to post it on here, but it failed. I never got round to making another clip of it, as i wondered if that would work, or fail too.
It was interesting, yet hard to use at the same time.

You dont always have to leave the game. Some times it helps when you try to use jacks ultimate.

Sounds like the Chainsaw/Retrocharge Glitch from Gears 4 :joy: Teamrevive was to only thing to Fix that Glitch in Gears4. Maybe take a Cog-Gear next time and see if it still works?

Those 2 issues have been in the game for a while.

The forge glitch has been there since at least Operation 2, and the flock thing happens on forge, but I doubt that will be fixed seen as the flock does eventually come out in the end.

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