Jack Glitch? Damage machine

Is it a glitch when a jack player gets over 1 million damage damn near every round even when the rounds don’t consist of that much enemies.

Thats one sure way to level boost get MVP every round with a jack and finish with over 10 million damage
This is a multiple time thing I have seen too


Yep, it’s not real damage bro.

@SNAKEYWAKEY389 has a screenshot that he did as Jack. Can’t remember the total output on damage he did lol.

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Its not real damage. The jack isn’t actually putting out millions of damage. To know the actual damage the jack play did just subtract a million or 999,999 from whatever their damage was that wave.


It’s possible to do over 5 mio damage a wave (highest I’ve managed) so that isn’t necessarily accurate.


The enemies you are killing don’t have millions worth of health though. You get a million because of a glitch that happens when you hijack and blow up.

I’ve seen a jack get 2 million on wave 1. Every enemy on wave 1 on master doesn’t even come close to a million even during the daily with 2 more health modifiers.

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Glad this is a known thing, I thought I was playing with some godlike jacks.

I wonder if it’s something where it counts the damage, healing teammates and repairs accidentally showing as damage, even then wave 1 of a frenzy that’s crazy


MVP matters and all.

It all depends what type of Jack sort of speak.

99% of players who play as Jack (randoms) concentrate on forging, don’t be aggressive. But that being said, Jack is still capable of doing heavy damage if being aggressive with hijack etc.

Also, if you don’t obey host’s rule “must forge” then out you go. Had that to me, When host (engineer) build forge, I didn’t had optimizer card and kicked me out lol

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Forging ? 99% ? What ?


A forge jack is so useless now. It’s so overkill on power with a tap spawning on wave 1. Lol


Its not only useless, its boring as hell lol


I have been playing horde for the last 7 months straight I have seen maybe 2 jacks forging but I only play frenzy so that might be why.

My jack is only a level 5 never thought it would be fun to play the character but maybe I’ll give a a real go

My friend i play with regularly is the #3 jack for games played on the leaderboards and i ask her all the time how she doesn’t get bored. She’s wings 10 on Gears 4 so I guess she’s used to being bored out of her mind.


That is something I wouldn’t do to be honest lol.

But end of the day, its personal preference. Maybe she likes playing Jack more often (hence why she’s in top leaderboard).

I do time to time change my classes. But sticking to Jack as regular would bore the hell out of me.

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Maybe it doesn’t depend on how much damage is dealed to the monsters, but the real damage Jack does.

For taking and example: if the atom bomb is delivered in a field of juvies, is it going to deal more or less damage than if it is delivered in a field of scions? The answer is: it will deal the same damage in both cases.

It’s my opinioin. Thanks.

I haven’t seen any random Jack player forge at all these past few months (at least when playing frenzy)

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I know, just saying that I managed to have the scoreboard show up over 5 mio damage once. :slight_smile:

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The best thing is taking over enemies that would normally overrun the base

Kinda sucks the best cards for hijacking unlock at lvl19 not 18

That bleed card looks sweet

I had it show up 6.9 million once. Not even lying.