Jack Execution Suggestion

In Gears 5 campaign Jack can drop these shock traps, so why not implement that as a Jack execution?

If you want to be ballsy, make jack use that spike that he uses to hijack and repair and blow people heads off. Hell you can use that jet propellers to fry people faces off.

I mean jack is a bot. You can do all types of stuff.

Give jack an execution!


No, there’s enough slow Jacks out there. Don’t give them more things to get distracted by.

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So what that has to do with making Jack more fun because you play with crap players? I never see any good engineers, you dont see my saying anything them.

Jack is TOO limited. He cant mark weapons, he cant use or plant frags, nothing. Make Jack more of a fun character to play.


Been meaning to sugggest this, myself. As for sllow Jack. Some ppl play for fun…cuz it’s a game. If you want serious pllayers, turn onn ur mic n use posts n make/find a team.


It would be awesome if Jack had some voice lines as well even if it was only electronica noises and beeps I’m sure they can come up with some cool ideas

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Jack is a SUPPORT-char, not a killing-machine. And I honestly don’t see what’s so “fun” about watching an animation that takes a few seconds.

Casuals? Then why do these “people” not stay far,far away from Master?

He does, they’re just drowned out by everything else going on.

Youre the type of person to play as one person arent you? Also fyi, every character can be played multiple ways depending what cards you equip. Just because YOU feel like a character SHOULD be something doesnt mean a damn thing. I for one, play to enjoy a game and its characters like any other person who plays a game. :unamused:

Not sure what you’re trying to imply here. I play multiple chars and only care about getting through games. I also know which chars get priority both in Horde and Escape. Something a majority of the community doesn’t give a ■■■■ about.

No way!! The thing though is that Meta exists for a reason and most skills are useless on master or even in general. In Jacks case there are 4 cards that are essential (5 technically but a good engineer invalidates that).

A char should contribute, not disturb the game. Easy as that.

Oh, I do too. But my enjoyment is severely hindered when people stray away from THEIR chosen role.

For sure but what I meant was for him to have voice lines like the other characters the ones that can be activated manually. You bring up a good point though about it distracting being a possible distraction to Jack players :joy: but I think if you’re good enough of a Jack you can find the right opportunities to drop a voice line.

All i saw was “wahhh wahh wahh” on your post. :expressionless: EVERY CHARACTER is meant to be played for FUN. If you arent playing a game for FUN, then you’re whats wrong with gaming and your opinion dont matter. :sweat_smile::raised_back_of_hand:

Could have just said that you’re casual scum.

Got it. :ok_hand:t2:

Bruh :sweat_smile:

I would actually like it, if TC gave the Jackonator some more things to interact with, let him have customization abilities like he does in campaign so he can be more like a Swiss army knife rather than a floating stun and money maker. even some intractable objects in the field would be cool like the generators, It’s all PVE anyway


@RandmPigGrenade even just implement the things he can do in story mode in pve would be cool. At minimum give him the ability to freakn mark weapons.

@HerrKatzchen says the guy who plays a video game to not have FUN. That title belongs to ANYONE with that mentality. Go back to mothers basement where you belong and try to be relevant somewhere else.

Reading comprehension on spot as expected.

That’s your comeback? Pathetic.

Play nice now, Ren, To each their own, I’m sure @HerrKatzchen has fun in thier own way.

but yeah jack needs an update, get on it TC!

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Why “play nice” to a guy who came on someone elses post to be an idiot?

@HerrKatzchen A comeback isnt required. Your post alone is enough to justify anything agaist you.

forgive and forget?

Just a simple dead drop on a downed enemy, almost like a curb stomp, would be plenty for Jack.

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Jack is for support and that might be ok for lower difficulties.

I don’t want Jack to go on offense on higher difficulties because he is very much needed. You and sometimes the entire team will go down and Jack will be there to save the day.

If getting kills is important, don’t play as Jack.