Jack Component + Collectable Retrospective?

Hi all,

If I were to hypothetically collect all the Jack components (ultimate upgrades included) and upgrade jack accordingly by the conclusion of the campaign, would I then be able to play earlier acts with these upgrades?

I’m having some difficulty as to how component progress is carried between Chapters on 1 save.


When I selected a chapter in Act 4 on a new save slot Jack started with all abilities and 127 components I could use.

So it looks like there’s no component progress carried across chapters.

Have you collected all the Components?

Almost. I only missed around 5 to fully upgrade Jack.

So I collected way more components than the 127 I got with chapter select,

Say for example, if you go back to Act 2; what components/abilities does Jack have? I’m currently about to finish the campaign on normal, I’m trying to make my insane run as easy as possible haha!

Thanks for the heads up, really appreciate it!