Jack bugs on Horde

I’m level 11 on jack and wanted to share some feedback. I noticed a few bugs.

During matches, Jack shocks enemies but doesn’t show the bolt. The enemy does show being electrocuted but Jacks doesn’t score damage points. Also when he’s doing that, the weapon doesn’t heat up. (All of this only happens when his shock doesn’t appear).

How can a player playing Jack see if a weapon is being recharged? I have the ability to recharge weapons but when I carry one, I don’t see a bar. Maybe I’m missing something.

Jack got stuck in between walls on Exhibit map. In between the floor where the laser is located. I could see upstairs and downstairs.


JACK is pretty buggy. It’s unclear what causes these bugs and how to fix them without resorting to going DBNO or dying.

There’s another bug which seems to occur sometimes after using the Hijack skill, which causes JACK to be unable to fire his weapon at all. Dying or going DBNO seems to resolve the problem.


There is bug with the perk too restore ammo that unload the heavy bot missile launcher .

For the part to see ammo of the gun equips with jack would be cool because for now there nothing to view that except put the gun on the ammo bench .

One of the needed thing would be that can marque gun with jack for now you can’t

Yeah my biggest issue is after I come out of hijack, I can’t attack. Jack can still stun, but the blue electricity doesn’t appear, but the enemies still appear to be stunned. Stunned, but not taking damage which is the real problem. Plz fix Jack, he’s fun to play as <3 :frowning:

Yeah I’v noticed a few bugs my self,

Portable resupply seems to remove ammo rather than add it, weapon seems to also disappear after a while due to it now being out of ammo while your carrying it.

getting hit by a cyro ray while hijacked will end up with you being perma slowed until you ether die or get hit by a cyro ray again.

Played three games using Jack, in the first two I experienced the shock bug described above immediately after using my Ultimate to control a Scion .

In the third game I didn’t use my Ultimate & the shock bug didn’t happen.

TC should add a second weapon window underneath his shocker to view the held weapon ammo count.

For a future update. (Would be awesome .) :slight_smile:

Also sometimes when I can’t use jack shocker I can see this.

Note: Even when I can see this I can’t buy anything except for skills upgrades.

wanna know the worse bug yet with him? I cant even ■■■■■■■ play him with out DCing in first wave and its only jack this happens to.

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I have found after receiving serious cryo damage the only way to get the freezing to stop is to not revive. Same with after using my ultimate now 50percent of the time after I can only tag enemies and not damage. Have to again be a DNR to reset.

I’ve had it where I can’t use my tazer at all. getting DBNO didn’t fix the problem. I had to get downed and killed for it to come back.

How do you even pick up weapons with jack? I’m on console and it doesn’t work.

Get to a weapon and hold the X button

I’ve noticed you have to stand still as your picking it up. If you move before the animation plays out there’s a chance you’ll drop it.


I WAS going to tag my friend @D_A_N_III_3_L since he likes my bug videos so much, but looks like he’s suspended, so I guess he’ll just have to view this in a month :slight_smile:

Poor Jack got so scared of being slapped around, he hid UNDER the stairs, haha:

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oh my god man !!! @Omen_LP I’ve never seen such a cowardly behavoiur on Jack, I knew he was a coward but not in that insane way man hahahahaa

I literally man laugh for about 10 minutes watching that video man ahahhahaa :smiley:

yes indeed I was banned for misbehavour you know me man , I’m mexican so people from there usually don’t behave as well as other people in other parts of the world hahahaaha.

thanks for sharing that video @Omen_LP

Yes^^ this is very frustrating