Jack bugged on certain maps

I have a level 19 Jack and I’ve noticed that on certain maps my cards don’t function properly.

For example, on Check-out for today’s Horde Frenzy challenge my hijacked enemies inflicted no bleed damage, regardless of the attack / hijacked unit. I was also not given time extensions for enemy deaths. The other cards worked. Apparently none of my gold cards were active (although definitely selected).

Anyone else notice this issue?

Did you checked the mutators? There is one that negates bleed damage.


I have been playing Level 20 Jack recently and haven’t noticed the issues, you have described. I have noticed hijacked unit not exploding, just once yesterday. All the other times, it worked fine. I have played Checkout Daily yesterday too, and all my Hijack cards and Zapper worked fine. There have been some rare moments when my heal beam and Zapper wouldn’t work at all, but most of the time, it’s been fine.


Checkout Daily doesn’t have -90% bleed damage reduction.

Edit: Daily with -90% bleed reduction, yes that would negate the bleeding heavily.

I’ve been noticing my healing beam gets blocked more often since the last patch. Even level 1 fences seem to block the beam in certain cases. Haven’t noticed your issue though.


This one is bothersome. I’m not sure if this is a bug or intended. It makes me take more riskier positions, in order to heal beam someone.


You were a pretty good jack regardless of risks.

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Oh that healing beam glitch is so annoying. The slightest movement in cover from a teammate you are shielding and Jack starts his ‘bop dance’

The match I was playing had no bleed mutators. The issue is intermittent. Played 3 matches, on 1 everything was fine. On the other 2 no bleed damage at all, not even “reduced”.

Now you need direct line to use healing/repair ability,if the beam gets interrupted 2 seconds because of cover/fortifications/allied in the way,it stops.

How bout the bug where you hijack and lose the shock beam until death, sometimes even after death.

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It’s worse than direct line of sight, in some cases you now need to be right next to what you are healing or even zapping, because that seems to be affected as well. Just did the daily on the Abyss and it’s terrible, the healing beam is completely ineffective this way, you might as well just pick your downed teammates up.

It much worse in Horde Classic. As Jack you can only use Lancer and Gnasher! And due to a bug, maybe you can’t reload Gnasher so in the end you can only use Lancer! :neutral_face:

hi-jack’d units dont explode if you hi-jack and instantly un-hijack. you have to wait for the animation of them spazzing out to finish. if this is what is causing it, that is.

I don’t do that anymore as I’d prefer to make each hijack count for longer.

When playing support and using Sacrifice card, I would do what you have described and it has always blown up successfully. Another interesting thing, it revives all downed team mates opposed to Combat Medic’s Intervention which revives only one.