Jack assists not counting toward the COG Gear challenge

More info here: Jack assists not contributing to new character unlock

Wanted to put this thread on Gears 5 discussions. Basically, any character other than Jack will count towards the assist challenge for the COG Gear. Using Jack will not increase the counter.


Yeah just spent 50 waves accomplishing nothing top notch game.

Still don’t exactly know how assists as such work.
Thought it would be Lancering someone but not killin the opponent and let someone else kill him. But this seems to count just randomly as assist.

Does anyone know what exactly counts as one and what doesn’t?

Basically as long as you hit them with at least one bullet or melee them, I think maybe even marking them counts as I know it did in previous Gears games.

And that’s exactly not the case. I played several matches (around 10-15) and lancered as much as possible. Still only 14 assists. Although I made around 20-40 Elims per match.

I had the same prob with the Jack medal. Ist totally unclear what an (counted) assist is in this game.

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