Jack assists not contributing to new character unlock

So the totem requirements is to get 200 assists as a COG character in Versus, Horde or Escape with the totem equipped.

I had the totem equipped and played the new Terminator Dark Fate horde mode as Jack. I racked up quite a few assists.

However, when the match concluded I checked the status of the totem. The Horde Challenger went up to the 16 waves I had completed, however the For the Cog! challenge didn’t move from the 15 assists I had gotten in some KOTH matches earlier.

Why is Jack excluded from the challenge medal progression? Am I incorrect in assuming Jack is a COG character ever since the original Gears of War?


I was just about to post this. Decided to search first.

This needs fixing for sure.

Just realized this is on General Discussion. Gonna post this on the Gears 5 discussions.