Jack and Palace Guards stray observations

I was playing a bit of solo horde to see what all this “Jack farming” was about, and at once point I got bored and engaged the enemy a bit with Jack and noticed some things about palace guard behavior.

I hijacked a boom scion and killed a Warden, and after that ended, even though I was cloaked and alone (usually causing all enemies to stop moving), 2 palace guards picked up the boom and mace, which is “normal”, I know, but they then started “patrolling” in a circle near the weapons, repeatedly, as I was cloaked. Apparently palace guards enter a new pattern of behavior when they grab a weapon.

Also, this was a bit disappointing: I then hijacked the palace guard who “stole” the boomshot, and I could only use their bow while occupying them, but when it died…it dropped the boomshot.

I really wish you got the hijacked guard’s current weapon, that should be possible, from a programming perspective.

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I’ve hijacked one that picked up a Mulcher. I only got 83 shots (coincidence?) and once it ran out, I couldn’t do anything but melee to attack.


I wonder if you hijack one holding a cryo cannon if it will instantly freeze everything like how it freezes us when they have it lol

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Possibly. The Mulcher did do triple damage like the Scion ones do as well.

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Interesting. The game must recognize heavy weapons but not handheld ones when hijacking guards.

I forget to mention, when the palace guard died and dropped the boomshot who I hijacked, ANOTHER palace guard grabbed that boom. That was pretty funny. .

Palace Guards use Versus AI, which yes have a different behavior once they pick up certain weapons. But in versus they have multiple weapons so they can switch behaviors rapidly so it’s less noticeable then it is here.