Jack and Grenades

Almost every time, if I accidentally pickup a grenade (sometimes it happens with guns too), jack won’t let go of it. I know this has been posted before, but I couldn’t find a way to fix it.

That being said, why isn’t Jack allowed to plant grenades, or even scrap them? Its so obnoxious being unable to interact with anything until he decides to drop it.

Seems to be a recent issue which came about since the last hotfix. Whenever JACK picks up anything, he can’t drop it for quite a few seconds - usually around 10 seconds. He can smelt stuff in the Forge, but just can’t drop until a certain amount of time has passed.

Dying. Dying fixes it. I drop everything I’m holding when I die!

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Is there any way to remap the grab/drop button on xbox? I’ve heard it fixes it for on pc, but I couldn’t find the option.

Glad to know it isn’t just me having issues.

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I only have issues dropping items when there is a second Jack in the game in close proximity to the Forge. I’m sure there has not been much testing of this scenario since technically horde should not allow 2 Jacks in the same game.

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Been having the same issue the last few horde games as well. He can smelt but if you pick up a Grenade he won’t drop it unless you die or the next wave.

Just imagine you have a Grenade and there is a Forge right in front of you, guess what would happen if you put a Grenade into said Forge. it will not end well.
It is the same as you planting too many Grenades and you are close by. Definately not good for your health.
Maybe this is the reason why you can not smelt Grenades. Does make sense.

Wouldn’t smelting something like a boomshot or jd’s lancer have the same result?

Not if you unload them first. You can not unload a Grenade. Magazines.

I played as JACK two nights ago and noticed that initially this problem occurred, but after a few waves it stopped and I was able to pick up and drop things as normal. I’m not sure what causes it. Weird.

Also there is a really annoying Glitch triggerd by doin stuff during the Scoreboard.

Im not sure how many Players know this because i dont see alot of Players doin this, anyway there is this little Trick when you open up the Chat you can still pick up/smelt Weapons.

You can even pick up the Forge during Scoreboard and move it. I like to do that alot because its way easier/faster then goin back and forth to smelt.
The Problem is sometimes my Jack gets glitched and i can not pick up the Forge anymore unless i get myself killed - which can be Dangerous on higher Waves.

Also when i use the same Trick to help bring Weapons to the Forge my Character gets glitched and will pick up Weapons automaticly even when i just droped it by the Forge. This stuff started to Happen (for me atleast) after a Patch where doin this Trick was changed from using it by open up the Minimap to Chat.

I Hope it will be fixed soon.