Jacinto carmine kantus

Who else thinks they should bring back at least one throwback map and at least one carmine/locust? This doesn’t feel like GOW anymore sadly


Lol you know I know they know they will, there’s a friken cash store and TC KNOW ppl want that stuff

This ends your first business lesson 101

Go make me some monies!

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Paying for the gold edition was so worthless. Thanks TC

You do realise that with GOW4 we didn’t see a selectable Locust character until about 6 months after release? And Carmine a further 3 months down the line? Patience dude. They will no doubt appear at some point.


Gridlock, Anthony Carmine, Locust Drone

It’s like ordering Pizza.


Swarm Hunter Variants
V Day Gear variant when COG soldier comes

a interesting idea would also be the swarm putting on some parts of the old locust armor or re using it
Like swarm hunter with the hunter mask or etc.

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River!! And make it so it freezes!!!

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Yup river is dope