I've Unlocked Cole, But It Wont Allow Me To Play Character

Hey guys, wondering if I could find some help here in regards to getting Cole as a playable character. I’ve constructed the totem, and completed the challenges. It shows 100% complete , and states that he a playable character in Horde, Versus and Escape. However, when on the character menu, it shows he is still locked, but at 100%. How can I get this character to be playable?

Thanks guys.

If you haven’t already, close your Gears 5 then relaunch it. The same thing happened to me and a simple reset fixed it.

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How do I reset it. I’ve shut off my Xbox, restarted it several times, and still nothing.

This happens to me for every single unlock I get, it’s because I quit to dashboard which keeps the game in a “live” state when you switch back on. Make sure you have properly QUIT the game, not just turned your xbox off. Next time you log in you should be able to select any of your unlocks, cards, skins etc.

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Press the Xbox Button, scroll to Gears 5, and quit the App. Then shut down the console. Wait five minutes. Then turn it back on and boot up Gears 5.

Or, just hear me out–it sounds crazy…but maybe TC could release a system that works.


It works for me. I don’t have to use this “trick.” The last time this happened to me was in Operation 2.

It happened with me for Clayton. I had the OP2 bundle so I never got it before but I expect it might happen with Theron too.

But for Clay I unlocked him, played one game of Escape–and the next day he was locked for 100%.

So— TC?

No. Since we are experiencing different things I think this is Azure.

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Instead of having to quit the game and restart it, you can simply just play another match of versus, escape, or horde. I’ve done this many times and it seems to work almost always.

I’ve played multiple Horde and Versus matches, and still renders him locked at 100%. I’ll try to exit fully from game then re-enter and see what happens

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On the totem screen is there an option to “equip” him? Sometimes that worked for me with weapon skins

Requip the Cole totem on and off. Than go play a match. It said mine was unlocked but actually I didn’t earn any exp towards it. I had to do it all over again which isn’t that difficult. It was strange said 30k in yellow like it was done but it wasn’t. Not saying you have the same problem but it might help.

I had this as well with RAAM when I unlocked him. I turned the console off and went to bed and it worked the next day. Never happened with any other character I unlocked though.

I’ve figured out how to quit the game and re-open, and he is now unlocked. Thank you for the help everyone!


Glad you got it working.