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I've understood why I can't aim

I absolutely hate this barrel shooting, everytime I try to kill someone who’s camping behind a wall I die because my shot hit the wall, even if the reticle is red.
Am I the only who has issues with this mechanic?

I’ve seen videos like this but I would try it when standing directly in front of someone rather than off centre.

The bullet may catch on the way, even if it’s correctly showing that you won’t hit anything because it’s not counting that head to be there if you’re aiming somewhere else.

It’s hard to explain,

But it does make sense the way it works.

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Yeah it does but man, It’s so annoying… atleast for me.
I feel like it doesn’t reward you to be accurate.

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You certainly have a point, however, what do you mean by “this barrel shooting”?

Center screen shooting was only in Gears 1 (maybe judgment, honestly can’t recall), so it is certainly the minority. We have all had 4 other games since to practice barrel shooting. Its certainly not a new frustration.

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It’s not that you’re accurate or not accurate.

It’s just that naturally,

If you aim and point - that’s where the bullet would go if nothing directly in the way.

But as it’s coming out, the head is in the way, and so takes the hit.

It does make sense,

Hard to grasp though or explain :sweat_smile:

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Its worse in this game cos of how they hold the gun in gears 2 and 3 you know the bullet is going to shoot where your players right elbow is and when you aim your player lifts the gun up abit
They need to revert back


I know it was only in Gears 1, but when I used to play Gears of War 4 I hadn’t this problem at all, I swear. When I played it again one month ago I feel more accurate and my shots didn’t go against a wall. Maybe there shots were “more to the center”. I don’t know honestly.

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This is something that was mentioned in the gear in the machine podcast. In gears 3 and 4 what’s were 80% of shots were aligned to your reticle position. Of course this was applied when you fired at much larger distances and if you hard aimed. Now this feature was removed so when you aim you have to take into account that your shot may miss, because your barrel shot line is not same as camera view line.

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Thanks! This feature makes me insane

As for me, this feature was some kind of good, you were shooting where you aimed, now you shoot in direction you point your screen, so it doesn’t mean it has to be a thing you point your reticle. But mostly is.

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Have you ever tried firing a Salvo with this new ridiculous firing mechanic? It has to be pointed straight at an enemy and then down some or the rockets will just fly straight to the sky or ceiling. So infuriating and nonsensical.


I can’t say I noticed it in Gears 3 as I haven’t played it for a few years, but is definitely present in Gears 4 and 5:

Characters flinching from damage causes shots to miss - your character moves their arms and gun when flinching which physically changes where shots go. Mildly frustrating to miss a gib or down because a lancer or nearby gnasher changed my bullet trajectory.

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