I've talked to a couple of friends online who are hardcore players and they told me they like Gears 5 but

I rarely see them playing the game. I know because I’m online most of the time. One of them is either watching Hulu or playing other games like Borderlines 3 and the other one is playing that Gears Pop game. The first is a hardcore horde player and the latter is a hardcore versus player and I rarely see them playing this game. Can’t say I blame them. This game is trash. But why say they like it when they don’t even play it?? I guess acceptance is the first and hardest step to recovery.

Why post this?

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Cause it’s funny, they say they like it yet they rarely
play it. One of them even told me I’m in the minority group that don’t like the game. But she rarely plays and she used to play horde almost daily, If she really liked the game she would be playing it often.