I've never realized how useless Soldier is until these achievements

Doing the 5 soldiers on Insane Lift, without power (trying to hit two birds with one stone).

It’s really surprising how long it takes to kill a boss. Getting a kestrel just seems impossible. We straight up just can’t kill it. I’ll dump ridiculous amount of active lancer into its engines and it still won’t go down. Having 3-4 people focus it still won’t kill it. The soldier is so weak that it just can’t kill a bullet sponge boss.

The only way we can beat boss waves is by suiciding until we get a carrier and just trying to move around the map until the carrier is last alive. Every other enemy just gets to us before we have time to take half its health.

I know that this achievement is intended to be hard. It’s very hard if trying to do it without power as well. But seriously, the soldier has zero slaying power. It sucks at killing every enemy except juvies.

I know people are going to say it’s a support class, but its support is so minimal and generally useless. I would rather any other class on my team.

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I’d disagree . The grenade buffs are very useful and give you alot of extra damage.

The rifle cards are also very useful too. Once you have the Active Reload card stacked with the Rifle Damage, you can do insane amounts of damage especially with a Hammerburst, and at reasonable range too.

I agree that a Soldier is more limited against bosses, but the same could be said about a Sniper. Having said that the Active Reload boost card works with all weapons - not just rifles so it’s worth your while to grab a Dropshot or something.

Thing is, a team of 5 of any class will show massive weaknesses because it’s so unbalanced. Horde teams are supposed to be varied.

A five-stack of Sniper Markzas will kill the boss quicker than a five-stack of Soldier rifles, which is sad.

I get that it exposes weaknesses, but this is the class that is by far the most useless.

I agree that the grenade strats are useful, but unfortunately that makes the solider useless for killing bosses. I don’t use grenade strats because I don’t feel like upgrading Epic cards on a useless class, but I don’t think the grenade stats make up for how weak the rifles are. Even with level 5 cards, it’s still really weak. Killing a drone is a chore.

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I’ve never realised how capable Soldiers are until this Achievement.
We kept our distance with 5 Rifles + Cover Boost, it’s easy to get killed and lose Shock Grenades and we needed as much cross-Rifle firepower as possible.
Snatcher seemed to be the easiest Boss to take down, even without Hammer on Wave 20 out of 25.
Just pure Active Rifles.

Its weird, we never got a Krestel last night, And the Snatcher wasn’t even that hard because it wouldn’t walk into our base (spawn) so we just kept shooting at it while fighting off locust at the same time.

I can tell you this right now, you DEFINITELY will not be getting all 3, or even 2 out of 3 new horde achievements in one run, its just impossible. Each one requires an immense amount of teamwork and effort.

Agreed that is impossible to do all 3. We got to 20/25 by going for all soldiers on lift and no power. I think it’s doable if you have a god squad, but with even 1-2 mediocre players, it won’t work.

How to make Soldier OP: Grab a dropshot… a dropshot in the hands of the right player on any class is deadly.

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Not really helpful for this situation unfortunately. But a dropshot is the best weapon for killing bosses

Yep, it’s not practical when need to lay down constant, heavy fire power.
Dropshot would have max of 7 ammunition, might be good against Pouncers that approached too close, most Scions would be far away and could miss with Dropshot.
Although Torque Bow can take their heads off.
When trapped in spawn, it’s also difficult to use Dropshot too.
But yeah, good against Bosses.

Yeah we also weren’t using power and constantly dying, so keeping a dropshot is really difficult.

With cover boost maxed it’s pretty hard to get killed if you know how to keep your head down. Too many people I notice have no idea how to use snap to cover in this game.

Nah lol. The enemies will still get to you ridiculously fast without fortifications and without good slaying power on the team. Also any explosion will still kill you.

You mean also clinging against the wall inside spawn, which also grants Cover Boost Bonuses?
Could even duck down too.

If 1 soldier plays build cost and fortification health this can be done with a good team. Weak links are the problem, if 1 soldier doesn’t play cover boost or stands out of cover like a dummy and gets downed that has a domino effect on the rest of the team. Not enough skilled players because everyone is so used to being carried by sentries and spawn traps doing speed runs.

The solider is limited to a small pool of useful cards. Active reload damage, rifle damage, extra grenades, grenade damage, and hammer of dawn (which can’t be used for the achievement(s) mentioned) are the only ones that come to mind. Everything else I either can’t remember or is so useless there’s no reason to use it. Maybe cover boost for this situation would be good.

Have you done ‘Do You Even Lift?’
Hammer of Dawn can be used…
Cover Boost is really helpful because 75% Damage Reduction, even though can still get downed.

I said I was doing both no power and lift at the same time

Good luck trying to do those.
I found it was necessary to use Team Revive and Hammer of Dawn, to even pass within hours.
It’d be waaay too difficult trying to get both done at same time, it’s better off doing one or the other.
Around Wave 20 to 25, people will get downed a lot, even with max Level 6 Cover Boost.

Yeah agreed lol. We stopped after 2 hours and went to bed. Couldn’t get past wave 20. Going to try doing them separately tonight.

It’s not that it’s useless but a 5 soldier setup just isn’t a good look. I just finished it took us like 5 hours lol I’ve never been so frustrated at an achievement. The amount of times we had to restart waves was a pain. I don’t mind this achievement though it gave us a good challenge.