Ive never played a game with a worst matchmaking system

The fact that I can have onyx,diamond,gold, and bronze players all in one game is amazing to me, the point of ranked is to play against player of equal skill and to climb as you improve. This consistently happens as well, there is nothing more boring than Getting a 7-0 just cause the enemy team has players of much lower ranks. Please address this so I can have high quality games thanks.

I fault TC for a lot of things but they can’t make great matches when there aren’t enough players online. If they fixed the crappy, laggy gameplay, they might get more players on (80% of my old gears friends won’t touch this game anymore, siting the poor connections) but as it stands the players just aren’t there, save for peak hours.


Same if people join up like that - TC can only do so much with a low playerbase.

I’m hoping Gears 5 allows itself to retain more of it’s players.

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After posting last night, I experienced this myself. I was surreal at first because I could not figure out what was going on. It’s as if my teammates were stoned out their minds, doing things that made no sense. We lost badly and I ended up with as many kills as all my teammates combined. Turns out, they were all bronze and silver and there were 3 onyx~something and 2 golds on the other side.
I wasn’t mad at the teammates after that (thank god I didn’t say anything mean during gameplay). Felt bad that they had to endure that lopsided matchmaking.

I find I get two types of games:

Really easy games that my team dominates

Really tough games that are almost impossible to win

Doesn’t seem to be in between :joy:

I just don’t like that you’re not guaranteed to gain after a win. With the low player base, you can’t really help it if you’re matched with players ranked lower than you. You shouldn’t really be only able to gain percent when facing people of higher ranks if TC decide to match you up with these lower ranked players.

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I have said there should always be minimum gains for everyone for each win.

This is because countless 20-30 minute matches end up being useless and a waste of time is no progression is offered.

Spot on. I won’t touch ranked play because of the horrendous connectivity this game has to the MP servers. There are countless posts and threads of players being banned because they get booted due to the game lagging out. That isn’t the players fault and thus they should not be punished for it. That and the numerous glitches Gears4 has. Juts now on a Horde run I was holding an invisible gun and could not switch weapons, aim or fire resulting in me being completely useless for the run.

How can a game in it’s maturity and dedicated servers have so many issues? This isn’t some indie game in early access/beta. This is Gears4, one of Microsoft’s biggest properties… This isn’t good enough imo.

Matchmaking is the way it is because there isn’t a large enough player base to fill ranked games. And why would players want to play ranked with all these issues to only be banned for playing the game? I wouldn’t and don’t.

My main problem was playing with players south of the US