I've master solo'd a hive by only using lethal barrier

So yesterday as a joke, @RelaxingKoty asked me to solo with only using lethal barrier. I surprisingly died only once throughout the run due to a drone shooting behind me. It was an interesting experience since I didn’t know it also stunned enemies as I’ve always done a melee combo while it was active. For those asking “how are you getting hit but getting stim back?” For one, I have Harness Energy so I guess when drones and scions make contact with th shield I gain stim, but I also lose it when their hitbox makes contact with my character model’s hurtbox as well. Furthermore, the drones and scion mulcher scion are shooting at the shueld constantly so I am almost always getting stim instantly. I know that @Bleeding_Pepper said master solo escape is different, but I really couldn’t stop giggling the whole time thinking back on what he said about not recommending lethal barrier and @HerrKatzchen saying it does nothing on anything higher on beginner. Anyway here it is.


Not interested in the callout part of this thread but the solo video was awesome. Lol very good use of the card


That was some useful testing with pure entertainment, it had me laughing quite a bit. Well done.


Glad you got a giggle out of it. I don’t see how it disproves my point that solo Escape on master needs a different approach though, cos in many ways this is exactly what you’ve done. :wink:

The context of my comment was that as a single player you have to deal with all of the enemies; they’re more aggressive when there’s one player; and you have to juggle more roles (e.g.: CQC, sniping, using grenades and explosives; and to an extent ammo management as one player can carry fewer weapons and ammo overall).

And regarding Lethal Barrier it’s a case of me being of the opinion that there are 5-6 skills which I believe are better. If you prefer Lethal Barrier then that’s cool.


I liked the vid a lot- my problem is whenever I have Lethal Barrier equipped I can’t use it to its full potential.


Just read above and what I initially said was already mentioned.lol.

I think I tried using lethal barrier on the Warren awhile back and had a tough time because of juvie health being higher.