I've killed things seen places?

Hi, i’ve done the 10 maps, blocked to 89% so i have to redo all the map just to find the one “bugged” and hope she won’t bug once again or i’ll have to do theses again so 20 maps ? -.- -.- -.-’ ?

I guess you need to do the ones missing so start in order and cross them off the list!

I guess i’m just gonna take a gun and directly shot in my head, that’s my last achievement to get (exepted the 2 skins one) so i don’t have my 4.0 u.u’

You’re close, put the gun down and just give it a go!

You’ll be able to get the other two in January.

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Tc are so stupid to not give a track even in the War diary with a thing saying “You’ve done it in groupe it counted so focus on the last one” !! >.<

I wish Rod Ferguson would visit you, hold your hand, look you right in the eyes and tell you everything is going to be ok but I think he’s a little busy with launch of 5.

But don’t worry, I’m here instead, to tell you that everything will be ok my friend.

Hang in there!

xD, thank you so much, this is pissing me off too much x)

I understand but I believe in you.


Check your score on each map on the leaderboards. Super low scores will almost surely mean you didn’t complete 50 waves on it.

Make a list of maps you’re absolutely sure you did the entire 50 on and then throw those out. You’ll then end up with your possibilities.

From that, just think even harder and narrow it down to maybe 3 possibilities. Then narrow that to 1 and complete the map.

Repeat as needed.

If your memory is pretty good (sometimes you gotta dig deep man) then it shouldn’t take more than 2 or 3 attempts.

Side note: when I was at 9/10 it showed 89% for me as well on the achievement so that seems to be working.

There’s definitely a map on there you didn’t do the entire 50 on. That’s all. Highly doubt it’s bugged.

Edit: are you saying you just recently completed all 10 maps?

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I literally had the same issue as the OP.

I did all of them, no fails and then had to do all of them again as I had to guess which one didn’t count and I was super unlucky.


Hey, thank’s for your answer and yeah we did the 10 map (again) in 2 days Inconceivable Iron Man the lower score we did was on Gridlock (4,5M) or we was at 5,1 / 5,3 on each map and got Long Hauler ribbons on each

The only one i have a low score is Impact we did it in casual it pissed me off to redo all the map

Happened to me too.

I ended up needing to redo Foundation which was actually the first map I ever did and it went up in percentage after I did it the first time. It was weird.

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