"I've killed things seen places"

Trying to get I’ve killed things seen places but I don’t have any friends who play gears anymore any tips or ways I can do it by myself in some what of a fast way?

I’ll be happy to help, I think I need to do one more map then I’ve got that and Seriously 4.0.

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This is all I need for seriously 4.0 as well, I’ve done 2 maps on my own recently need 4 more. Here’s what I do, i have a maxed scout I’m pretty good… Plug in a 2nd controller (fortunately during the holidays my “guest” is a lvl 10 soldier now with hammer of dawn) and just ignore your guest. I can beat waves 1-50 by myself as scout. Having the guest with hammer of dawn just helps on the boss waves but is not needed. The maxed scout with max shotgun damage and maxed health cards is a must though for waves 40-50 on casual

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Lucky you all I need is 1 ribbon and they wont give it to since I’ve performed the requirments multiple times

What ribbon is it?

Sapper Star I made a post about it

No idea but damnnnnnn your aim tho :joy:

Don’t judge me on that video :joy::joy::joy: But thats not the first time I did that to someone and not get the ribbon. I literally have 140 out of 141 ribbons

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I’ll be sure to send you a request!

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So I am looking for people to do this achievement, So If you are doing this hit me with a friend request!

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Added you both @Aziz_XXCOOLXX @GGS_Reverse


I’d like to complete this achievement also. Can you guys add me also. I think I have completed about half of the maps, but I don’t know which ones.

I live in the U.S. and live in the Central time zone, which is currently UTC−06:00




Can you guys try adding me? I have this 80% complete so I need 2 more maps and I’m willing to help just because I like playing Horde. From looking at my high scores I think I need Reclaimed and Impact to complete.


I’m only 20% complete and don’t know which maps I have done, and which maps count toward this achievement, but I am willing to help. I enjoy playing Horde.


Those are teh 10 maps. The only way I can tell if I’ve done them is to see the high scores. I figure the two lowest ones are the ones I haven’t completed yet.

Thanks for the Info. I will be online by 5:00 PM CST.

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Ill help, i need this one too

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I’m around today to help with achievements.
I need help with the horde achievements like MISSED EM IN A WIERD KINDA WAY and FIVE SOLDIERS ON INSANE (grenade plant speed run on apex) easy. No scouts. Even odd rotation of planting and RESUPPLY


I am down to 2 ribbons and 3 maps, plus a few chapters of insane so please add me. I am west coast CA late night player 11 pm to about 1;30 am

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does that realy work second controller on split screen?