Ive just played gears 5 for the first time in a while and

The shotgun battles are now actually fun. the shotgun isnt a 100 percent perfect but those matches i just had reminded me of gears 1. did they finally lower bullet magnetism and make the shotgun a challenge to kill with? seems so. everyone now seems very carful and tactical with their shots. I love it.

You are correct about the bullet magnetism

There is no fun allowed here! Are you sure your playing Gears 5?


Love to see you have fun OP

There only like 2 tactics now. Wait or shoot twice

when i played 6 months ago, it was who can shoot first for a free kill. boring…

i played the game the past 2 days for the first time this year really…

I like the tuning after accepting the slowed pace…

the lack of 5v5 is still a big let down and lack of variety in either starting weapons but connection wise and gnasher detection is great imo.

just needs a bigger team battle with more variety allowed for me to really enjoy it.

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gears biggest problem is the movement only supports the shotgun. they should make a new long range gun that lets you wall slide and shoot accurately kinda like the halo battle rifle

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Gnasher needs a reduction in gib range if you want a classic and skillful feeling gears game.


I’m glad you’re having fu- gets force choked

maybe, but atleast its much easier to dodge and the range of overall damage is low. best shotgun ive used since gears 1

ya because you need to stand still for 10 seconds before the shot delay goes away

no its because theyre not guaranteed an easy shot so they put more thought in to how theyre going to attack which leads to interesting battles as players try to out think each other. im not sure what you mean by delayed shots but i do have issues with my gun refusing to fire when quickly pressing left trigger or using cover. I wish the devs would make it a priority that no matter what, if i press the trigger, my gun will always fire. instantly