I've had to rebuy featuted items three times

I’ve had to rebuy the ice weapon set three times. I bought all the new stuff this week including the hologram stuff twice and it just keeps eatimg my iron and removing it off my account.

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send a ticket to TC an they will “try” to help you the fastest they can

pro tip: don’t buy featured items for iron just wait a week an they will be there for coins

Even better pro tip: don’t buy iron there has been a issue in the game for actual months where players are not getting there items they paid irl money for


THREE times? Christ, that’s just bizarre.

It’s bad enough trying to actually buy it again when you’ve already spent the money.

Send in a ticket, and may God have mercy on your soul.


Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

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There has been an issue with purchasing items and iron for a while now.

Its time to stop buying things with iron completely.

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My friend purchased the op6 bundle three times and hasn’t received it once, nor has she been refunded. It’s been like two weeks at this point.

Wolfish, I can’t believe you bought it 3 times… why?

If it didn’t work the first time you should immediately submit a ticket.

Tbh, at this point you might kiss your iron good bye.

thats actually horrible man im sorry to hear that

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Exactly. If OP’s purchase failed at the first try, why buy the same item twice again?!

The first failed purchase should have been an indication of a red flag, and to stop and contact support immediately.

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Talk to one of the TC in the discord with your support ticket if it doesn’t get addressed.

Also, talk to xbox direct to get you your refunds. Xbox is fast to act on customer service and will put pressure on TC if they don’t play ball.

It pains me to see people spend money and get messed over waiting for weeks with no refund or product. Coalition makes bank on Gears and should be paying a customer rep like any other company working hard on top tier 10/10 customer service like any other website store or retail shop.


wow now even coin purchases fail? TC c’mon now, enough is enough, find the issue and until then halt all real money offers in store until you can absolutely guarantee people will get what they paid for

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they wont dude that makes too much sense for them too it makes my brain bleed of the stupidity of this company

Featured items aren’t able to be bought next week only new items are. Also Rumbly I didn’t want to not get the ice set at all. It used to be an exclusive for people who bought the special xbox. It’t finally stayed after the 3rd purchase and the only other way to get it is to buy an unused xbox code and they’re more expensive then the xbox was at this point. So yeah i’d rather work some overtime so not to effect my budget and acually have the stuff. Yeah i know spending this much sounds dumb but i like the game and skins unlockables and customisation is what i enjoy in games. Also i really like my job so a little overtime to make it up wont hurt. My real delema is the coin since i can’y just get it back by working a little overtime.

Anyone getting purchase errors and needs immediate refunds, go to xbox and speak/chat to a human. They will act immediately.

Does it handle In game purchases? Can i get a link?