I've got to diamond rank with not knowing how to wall bounce. But now its getting hard.y

How did everyone here practice and figure out how to effectively wall bounce? I’m also finding it harder and harder to hold my own with my gnasher. What sensitivity do you all play at? Been a long time Gears fan but always thought wall bouncing and crazy frantic playstyle wasnt totally neccessary… until now lol.

30, 30, 30
Dead zone at 3 each
They’re going to come back to the middle of the screen.

If you want to effectively train wall bouncing, I’d say boot up Reclaimed or Nexus in a private match and practice there. Start anywhere you like, then make laps around the map only bouncing.

Although I will say you dont need to be a crack bouncing montager to hit Masters. I rarely do it and have reached that rank multiple seasons. A solid strafe and Gears IQ can take you so far.

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If you play on default controller it is almost unreal to do it smooth until you switch to tournament control scheme

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I’d recommend playing a custom match on Training Grounds or Exhibit.

These two maps are great for practicing wallbouncing.

I also didn’t know how to wallbounce.

I practiced hard on these two maps and I can finally wallbounce.

Yeah, I too switched to Tournament control scheme for wallbouncing. If you do it on Default, you have to play “claw”.

Downside is LB button gets unresponsive over time (I am already facing that).

Also, with the new PvP tuning, Wallbouncing is not required at all. You could just bot-walk and climb the ranks just as easily.