I've Created a Discord Server!

(A Gears of War fan community)

Launched: 7/3/2021

Need a squad? Wanna play Co-Op, or do you just want to chill and hang with other fellow Gear-Heads? We got all that and more. Hoping to become a friendly community of Gears Fans. Come enlist today!


Get @III_Essence to join and then I will

Damn, it’s been ages since I’ve talked to him. I wonder how he’s doing…

Yeah I miss the guy. He made my pfp. Didn’t he make yours as well?


Thought so. Miss him😔

Me too. Last time we talked was back in Feb… We were doing Dead by Daylight survivor runs.

I think its been nearly 2 years since I last talked to him

I just poked him on Discord.
Hope he’s doing okay.

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@R_E_D_yota already has made a discord server about this, check it out!

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Thanks for the @

My server pretty much covers everything Gears as seen in my og post

Most recent server update

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Or, you know… I just wanted to build a community too… :pensive::frowning::disappointed:

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Do you want to promote each other’s server ?

I would like that.

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Alright check discord dm when you can :wink: