I've been having a blast playing Horde in Operation 3

To the point that it motivated me to make a video! Been a while, but I had a lot of fun making it. Cole Train is so damn fun to use. And being back on Canals…yeah it was juicy. Lots of nostalgia.

I’ve been playing Horde with these same guys for about 6 years now, we are by no means “Pros” or experts, we just play for fun, try to beat all 50 waves, and have a good time killing stuff, so please don’t judge us :grin:

Anyway, enjoy!

BTW - (Don’t comment, like, or subscribe. I don’t care for any of that. I just make videos for my own personal enjoyment)

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Always fun to see people having fun with the game I love so much.

Hey just a quick thing. Have you ever tried pressing b while you’re running with Cole? I see you run around and fire the shotgun like normal, but I never once saw a tackle. If you’ve yet to discover the tackle: have fun and try not to get yourself into to much trouble!

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Thanks! I dont do it much outside of his Ultimate, but I do use it every once in a while. Super fun!

I just love the Gnasher lol