I've been experimenting with all the classes and I think the next suggestions should be considered, what do you think?

As the title says, I’ve been experimenting with all the classes because I really like PvE a lot and I’ve seen that there could be certain changes, I hope someone from the PvE dev team could see this. You’ll have to pardon me if there are spelling and grammatical errors, it’s because my game is in Spanish and the dubbing is tremendously good and I’m going to leave it like that.

The marksman should have his passive ability back of every sixth critical kills drops a pilfer pickup, but instead of 6 critical kills it should be 4 or it should change the behavior of the steady hand skill card with the current passive ability. The situation where one enemy is behind another doesn’t always happen.

The infiltrator should have a change in horde with the perk of health regeneration to ultimate cooldown, I see more useful to have this perk because when you have the skill cards of gnasher with bleeding and stim when killing it’s hardly used the perk and the other combination of skill cards with the ability to extend the duration of the ultimate will prevent you from taking direct damage and it is not used either, I don’t suggest the perk of feedback boost since that would be quite overpowered.

The ambush skill card for the blademaster should change its behavior since most of the time we are going to face enemies during combat, I’ve seen that if you grab enemies like meat shields it also reduces the cooldown of the ultimate, but having a similar behavior to the Demolitions confirmed kill skill card would be a good change. Also the deep pockets skill card is not working correctly, it only grants additional ammunition to the Talon and the other pistols doesn’t get any aditional ammo, I know there is no point in highlighting this, but still and it works for lower level players.

The anchor’s bullet chain skill card should have the bleeding effect added as well, but instead of sharing that 50% bonus damage at level 6 for bleeding it should be an additional 10% damage at level 1 and stack 20% of damage at level 6 to prevent the skill card from being overpowered, I’m saying this because the bleeding of the boltok can be faster and ends up killing the enemy or enemies when fighting a group of enemies or heavy enemies, I know that the longshot should be used with this skill card but I play public frenzy matches with randoms because the class doesn’t have a good reputation and I end up getting kicked out of custom matches. I think it would come handy or maybe I’m asking for too much

The gunner’s practice every day skill card should change its behavior since this skill card can’t be used so much because the ultimate doesn’t allow to take advantage of it because it’s so short, maybe something related with the buzzkill because that weapon needs a little bit of love the weapon also becomes entertaining to use it for a while and since it’s a heavy weapon, the class lends itself to that and in escape it can be found on several occasions, perhaps a behavior like the exploding buzzkill of the pilot would be good for it.

In the same way, the pilot’s deep pockets skill card is failing because it only grants additional ammunition to the Talon when the description says that the Maximum ammo capacity for all pistols is increased by your skill card level and in this case I don’t see a problem highlighting this change since I consider that the behavior of the enforcer expert skill card should change in favor of the Talon since I see a little more sense since it would help a lot in escape and/or in horde with the perk of ammo capacity or it could be added another skill card that increases the damage to the Talon and, by doing that, avoiding a possible change to the enforcer expert skill card.

I consider that the veteran’s passive ability should change for the lancer stock skill card but instead of only working for lancers it should work for all assault rifles and that skill card should have the passive ability of being immune while we execute, I see no problem changing that as it would not generate an additional effect like execution shield of the nomad. Personally, such change doesn’t seem absurd since I use the skill card and it really helps a lot to recover the ultimate through damage.

The Tactician’s Cooperation Skill Card should allow us to deal damage as well since the cooperation in public matches can be rare.

The combat medic should have a damage increase for assault rifles or the behavior of the suppressive recharge skill card should change to the slugger’s grenade proficiency skill card or a similar skill card should be added and I’m not looking for the class to be overpowered, but there are a lot of new players who are inclined to take this class and in many cases they are always a low level, I don’t understand why if there isn’t something that attracts in the class to be taken (like it could be generating additional damage like brawler’s fire or some kind of bleeding), unless it’s a versus player looking for the level 20 lancer skin.

The protector’s resistance should be in general or it should increase the resistance against melee damage because having 30% melee resistance is a joke on insane difficulties upwards, I think it’s necessary to have 60% melee resistance body against non-elite enemies in inconceivable or master and that change could also help in horde to achieve a good overall resistance with the perk.

The striker should have several modifications to earn a little respect and a good reputation because despite the modifications made to the class it still can’t stand out, the damage from the first strike skill card should increase another 100% the first hit because it’s an epic rarity skill card and I consider that if a melee class can’t kill a juvie in one hit with any skill card then it’s very weak, the melee armor skill card should change its behavior to one where the resistance is in general because the class has a hard time approaching to enemies with firearms, the melee rush skill card should work the same as close range recharge skill card because once the effect of the first strike has passed the damage that the enemies will receive won’t be enough to down them and there will be only two options left, execute them or take them as meat shields, the legendary skill card should also make the enemies explode when they die to bleeding, and the passive ability should have another 2 seconds to be able to approach to the enemies from a slightly farther distance or make a successful retreat.

And well that’s all I’ve been able to observe and I think that it should be taken into consideration, I don’t know how to finish this post so I wish you luck in your PvE games, since there are many quitters in public games recently.



PVE gals & gents, do your thing

That change to Blademaster’s Ambush card would be wild. I think Ambush is pretty good as is because there’s plenty of ways to kill something while flanking/killing them from behind. it’s not the best card in the world but if someone said they preferred it, I wouldn’t blame them.

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Yeah I thought the same, I also came with another idea like the skill card changing to “kills in venom gives you cooldown” but that didn’t sound right because the skill card would be now limited to escape only.
The skill card is like that because if we look back when the game was released, Lahni was more a class of performing executions to be rewarded for than dealing melee and bleeding damage.

Striker is amazing if you know how to play that class (at least in Escape). Sure it could use a few more buffs that help Horde and First Strike’s usefulness vanishes relatively quickly, in the right hands, you can still do quite some stuff with it.

The other changes sound interesting but probably still don’t matter too much. Fully agree with Protector though.

Ultimate Cooldown is powerful than Feedback Boost and you can just Spam the Ultimate frequently

What about Grenades kill giving Stim?Sounds Cool to use it

I agree that in escape the class helps a good amount of times but in horde can lose its effectiveness pretty quickly after a few frenzy waves, I do hope they give the class some resistance against ballistic projectiles at least.

It actually used to be this way in Gears of War 4. The Sniper class has a skill card that allows it to deal 40% extra damage to any target they mark. Even teammates did 40% extra damage against the Sniper’s marked target. That skill card is Called Shot.

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Marksman’s passive should have been steady hand and replace the card with ammo drops after certain number of headshots or make a penetrating bullets skill which gives the ability to shoot through enemies and grenadier’s helmets. Without Ult active obviously.

I would rather the infiltrator had a carry more ammo perk. I know we have a skill card for the Overkill which grants more ammo but just giving me the ability to hold more Gnasher ammo and Flashbangs would be great.

Honestly all melee classes should get an additional passive which lowers the damage you take from melee and/or increase their resistance to getting staggered.


This was what I’ve been saying from the start!

Really? I thought the perk would only give you small amounts of time to your cooldown.

It sounds cool but the class already has the skill cards of Get Up and Helpful Headshots and I think the class needs to be more offensive than defensive.

Yes, I’ve seen the videos from Chaps, but in Gears 5 this skill card is easily overshadowed by the Interrogation skill card if you apply the combo of Interrogation and Spotter Support.

The skill card for the overkill is kinda weak even for a blue rarity skill card, only gives you a 35% at level 6 (only 7 additonal shoots), but that’s a good idea as well, sometimes you need more flash grenades against wardens.

That’s a good suggestion as well, but, the brawler already has a 95% melee resistance with Inner Fire and Trashball Pro, and the blademaster can reach up to 94% in horde or 96% in escape with the passive ability, Thrill Of The Hunt and Venom Resistance. The promotional classes are the ones that need that change but a general resistance is what they need.

It’s 50% of total Cooldown.

If your Ultimate time is 600s, it can decrease to 300s with Lv 10 Cooldown Perk.

Assualt Class need to be Nerf at all because they really outperform than other Classes.

CM seems the most “Balanced” one currently.

The Melee Promos just need certain Kind of D.R as I haved mentioned before a long time ago.

I thought it worked differently, in that case, damn the perk is tremendously good, I’ll consider buying it when I can.

By assault class you mean all the classes or just one in specific? And what kind of nerf are you mentioning, damage?

it’s indeed balanced, but with the recently changes you can get easily destroyed by two boomshot scions in the same side, a warden with a bastion stuck in a corner or a swarmak with aggressive enemies difficulty enabled, the class needs something a small change to make it a bit more helpful in this kind of situations.

Nerf on Damage Output especially Demolition.

How this Stupid Class can Kill everything easily & Spam the ultimate.

Every time I play Demolition, I just feel guilty of being Dominated every Wave while my Teammates just notice the Wave is ended,

Marksman doing Wave Clear :heavy_check_mark:

Demolition doing Wave Clear :x:

Yeah, I understand that feeling, I still remember how OP the veteran was and how people was simply being carried until the end, but I hardly see people asking for this kind of change for the assault category, so we’ll have to live with this fact.

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