I've always wondered

Why even back in Gears of War 4 Horde mode why you are not able to buy a boltok from the fabricator… The boltok is one of my top 3 favorite guns to use, and only being able to use it on certain characters when there is obviously a way to allow me to buy it…

Only thing not letting me buy it does is decide if I am going to buy a repair tool or not… I dunno… Just a little thing that has always bugged me…


Why can’t we buy flash bangs in Gears5?

So many questions and nowhere near enough answers.

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This one really doesn’t make sense, because you can buy all other types of grenades why not the flash bang??

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Spot nade would be a nice addition also

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Afaik they wanted to add them but there was a limitation of howmany items can be displayed in that section. @GhostofDelta2 I think you mentioned that right?

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Michael (PVE lead) mentioned this in the dev streams, but believes they will be able to get around this for OP5


Boltok is so bad in this gears, you can’t even get a one shot head shot kill any more can you?

Uhhhh… you pretty much can, actually? I have no problems. Although it seems to work better on weakened opponents

Fahz can


I mean in pvp, couldn’t you one shot someone back on gears 4 and before? Like the long shot

It was never a 1 shot. That’d be straight op. It was a 2 headshot pop in G2 and G3. Can’t remember in G4 but def not a one shot pop. In G5 it’s a 3 shot which is why it’s a bit weaker. If you have good aim it’s still a reasonable weapon, just not a power weapon. And just like someone said it works better as a finisher with team support.

At the start of gears 5 if u were close enough u could one shot the head but not anymore

Oh wow. I’m guessing it was considered OP and was removed.

At point blank range in Gears 2 it was a 1 shot (for the head). Feel free to test it if you don’t believe me.

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I don’t feel like anyone truly complained about that’s for it’s removal just something tc felt.

Hmmm weird. I don’t remember that. I had 5000 multiplayer games of G2 and my memory doesn’t recall that at all. Maybe I’m just getting old.

You had to be literally point blank, so would unlikely happen.

I didnt realise it either until testing this a while after I had stopped playing it.

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Hmmm it seems like it wouldn’t have much relevance then because of its rarity. Especially with the lag in G2. But ya, learn something new everyday.

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Completely agree :slight_smile: