Its worse than ever and its been out 6 weeks!

Unacceptable! I’m sick of the lies. Come out and tell us what’s been happening. Are you being hacked. Fire everybody and hire new “professionals” This guy has even been patient and positive but enough is enough.

MooMooMilk sucks though.

This dude would come into Guardian matches against me and quit all the time.

He would also try and get headshots just for his stupid montages. I would pick up that Longshot before him and beat him down with it.

Fun times.


Its not about his game play. He’s probably pretty good you’re probably better. Both you guys love GEARS and TC is destroying the franchise. He has 250,000 subscribers, thats a lot of people for a gears game. What has to happen before they get their ■■■■ together!

Laughing stock, haha.

Who the hell are these guys.


Do you know how ridiculous this sound? You’re asking for TC to come out and answer you? You’re on a public forum for discussion between forum members. You don’t need to stand up for these guys, they can do it just fine without your help. As you can see, they tweeted themselves for attention.


mX MooMooMiLK Gears of War 5 Shotgun Paradise

Gears 5 is a good game. Im thankful it exists. I know it has issues and its Annoying an dissapointing sometimes. I talked to TC and they are working on all complaints! They have the solution to turn things around, It just takes us more patience then expected. SO to all 06 players

Moo response days later lol


I understand moo. He has 250,000 subscribers and it’s all gears content. Its a give and take. He seems to have direct contact with the studio and like myself wants it to work. I’m waiting on the solution. I was upset last night. It adds up. The other 2 people are pros on top teams.

Pretty much what I’m asking myself now lol

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They’ll do some tweeks, they have no choice. Just how long does it take to get it done is the question? The aim assist seems like they tweek it a little on and off unless the lag is benefiting myself where I’m sponging and can’t even tell. Matchmaking is hit and miss again and tier points I don’t even look anymore this season is practice. I’m gonna support it and play it, it’s honestly the only game I play. I’m a Gears Addict. I just won’t spend any money.

This game is now a complete mess in ranked and in gameplay. It’s a lancer fest, or special weapons game, along with just camping in spots. One on one’s are the only way to determine skills and guaranteed a diamond vs a bronze, it’s going to be close. It’s not like these players who are in the highest ranks are amazing…they just can do all of the above very well on a pc. . That’s not gears to me.