Its working now?

I quit out went back in and got in immediately us east coast. Anyone else?

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UK. 3hr wait time but just thrown me straight back in. Did wait for about 45 mins or so though.

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I’m just stuck on creating match now.

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i got back in and it said i have 1 minute to wait instead of 5 hours but i searched for a match and it booted me for inactivity again and says i have to wait another minute

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I’ve got anywhere from 2 days - 34 hours - 2hours and 45 mins but i never dipped below 2 hours even tho i’ve waited longer to get access.

Same happened to me.

3 mins + matchmaking time.

Just keep swapping characters incase it boots me again…

Stuck at creating match


There is only one minute wait time now (from Denmark) and Tour of Duty seems to be working.

However, after entering it keeps saying “connecting” and gives warning that it is unable to connect to Gears of War services: Error code 0x00000c2c. After trying to connect for 5 mins I then get kicked and have to start over.

Dang it, want to play again :stuck_out_tongue:


I played it and I hate it. They are definitely catering to the pro league. I guess since they were never able to figure out how to get the Gnasher right, they just drifted the game towards the Lancers. Gears of War has become Call of Duty.

I can get into arcade now, but I can’t select a character

Ohio- did the same thing for me except I’m still not getting into any ranked games, only arcade.

Have yet to get in, I love how they advertise getting to play the game early for getting the game pass or preorder yet we have already burned through a day of the weekend and no one can play

If your able to try it again don’t play the arcade. Play escalation. It’s shot guns and semi regular gameplay. Not factoring in horrid weapon placement sessions that feel like watching YouTube ads.

Got into a buddy’s game earlier and it feels like gears. Gives me hope for retail. Been trying to match make for an hour and forty minutes. This is crazy.