It's time for ranked to be gutted


Everything else needs to be social or special event.

Population just can’t support anything else.

Popular = KOTH
Competitive = Escalation
Alternative = 2v2

WING MAN in rank over 2v2

I have a feeling next Op might see Wingman Return.

I hope. I dont mind 2v2…but i doubt wingman will be in. Hopefully gears of war 6. Not gears 6

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Yup, this way we can separate koth from guardian and tdm in social. It’s a rolling playlist so it’ll be perfect and won’t be difficult to find matches.

Plus bots to fill until players join if it comes to that, but it’ll still be quick.

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No point duplicate playlists tbh.

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I’m curious as to what your definition of “makes sense” would be? Because by popularity you bet KOTH. So THAT makes sense to me? Whatever algorithm they go by to “matchmake” is just not working right for the players. If you have people you regularly play with then props to you. This game would be fun never ending if the matchmaking wasnt so lopsided the majority of the time

Modes that are inherently more designed around competition. KOTH has spawn problems that make it a bad competitive mode, but it is very popular, so it should get a spot.

Regardless of what you think of Escalation, it is the more competitive ring objective mode. The spawn system alone ensures that.

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I’m honestly slightly prejudiced in gears since judgement. I dont play anything other than KOTH really. What is the difference in Escalation? If you dont mind? Or I can look it up

Escalation has both fixed spawn locations, and fixed spawn timers that change based on round, and not an invisible clock. You aren’t punished more severely for certain deaths based on a timer you have no control over, and probably aren’t aware of most of the time unless you’re super sweaty.

KOTH, at a high level, becomes all about spawn manipulation, and it’s kind of game breaking to be honest. Escalation can’t be exploited nearly as badly.

Escalation in Gears 4 was a lot better than 5’s new version. If Escalation is to remain relevant, it needs to go back to old system, minus a few slight tweaks.


Tdm is a staple…show ranks !!!




You couldn’t of said it any better. I 100% agree with everything you said here.

Forgetting guardian it was a top three mode.

KOTH (Obs the best mode)
Gridiron (hopefully the new mode for eSports going forward)
A 2-person team mode (2v2 Gnashers or wingman if it is ever added)



They will never take out tdm atleast half my friends list only plays it.

TDM, KOTH, 2v2 Gnashers is always a possible combo. It would be the popular route.

The state of ranked populations in Gears 5 is such that provided it’s not something stupid like Warzone or Armsrace, I’m more concerned with getting fewer total modes than what those modes actually are. Every ranked mode available should be able to actually be played in a reasonable amount of time.

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Guardian needs to be reworked. At the moment, it isn’t a great mode to play, and this is from a person who loved Guardian in Gears 2 and Gears 3. It was my favourite mode in Gears for a long time.

When TC add spawn flips to Guardian, then I will advocate for it to be back. In its current system? Not at all.