It's time for more maps

Been a month. It’s time. Seven maps are stale. And I think they are all awesome maps too (except exhibit which is just meh IMO but whatever) but I’m bored with them. Gridlock was awesome too but we played it thousands of times. It got boring. That’s happening now with the launch seven.

So do we know when the maps are coming? I’m not even mad, just growing a little anxious and bored, and I want more.


They need to just automatically add a few of the popular maps from previous gears without any wait

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Yeah. I wouldn’t have agreed a month ago but today I do. The maps available in private may as well be available in public at this point, I don’t see an argument against it. Generally speaking I like a very small number of recycled maps, and even then I’d rather not have played them recently. Foundation was the best map in GoW4 IMO. but I don’t want to keep playing it for three more years. Or like blood drive. GREAT map, but I’m bored. When I ask for old maps I want OLD maps. I want GoW maps, and DLC maps that we hardly played. All fathers garden. Memorial. Highway. My god I loved those maps, and they’re big enough to play in the “new” gears where rifles actually matter. Like Security in GoW2 was one of my all time favorites but in Gow4 it wasn’t fun because you just can’t move anywhere without getting lancered down. It wasn’t designed for this gameplay. My three choices I think would work.

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I want mansion so bad. I really hope they add it.


Faucet drip sounds

It’s been time for new maps. Game got so boring and repetitive in only a matter of days if not hours!

Also, i would liked some changes to the initial seven maps.

A ramp on the first level of training grounds - where you can jump down to the gl/drop, make that a ramp not a jump down - it is too campy as it is. also, connect frags to the other side, make it a little tunnel similar to jacinto in gears 3

An open area instead of a little cover wall on the front side of those side rings/nade spawns in bunker and maybe not so much openings OR completely open at the top side overlooks for the drop/gl and the top mulcher/salvo as well

the top laser little gd bridge on exhibit - make that an entire room with collectibles/pieces of art that are protected by lasers - entire room not just a stupid tiny bridge that is so terrible to play. room would have multiple ways up not forcing you to go all the way around like bullet marsh

district - not have so many angles in those rooms on either side of embar/tbow or make the hop up a ramp

asylum - each little room that is 100% flashable should have an opening at the back, two ways to get in and out. per game type, doesnt have to be all game types

foundation - said it since gow 4, have those side rings have an opening around the back…there are little pockets of cover/hiding on the outside, they just need to make those connected to the other side in the shape of the letter L. This could be game type by game type, as id personally like it for koth for those lockdown rings

Just some ideas.

Yeah man they were all pretty big and well-designed maps. Especially the bigger ones out of these you listed. I feel you with loving maps but getting bored of it, but as you said there would be no harm in adding just a few of the very popular ones such as foundation, blood drive, checkout etc. And yeah security was one of the best in GOW2 but in GOW4 it really was aids haha, didn’t feel the same.

Anyways i really hope TC decides to QUICKLY add simple remakes of the old ones such as foundation, blood drive, and the REALLY old ones as you listed from GOW1