It's time for a change!

So recently TC decided to start implementing some changes such as weapons and respawns ect.

I just want to point out that these changes are being made based on us the community coming here (and on twitter) to complain. Be careful what you wish for people as I’ve seen some pretty dumb suggestions/complaints in the past few weeks such as being limited to one primary weapon and a pistol/grenade. Judgement tried this and it did not go over well. People having been asking that they remove flash bangs and the mace for another example, it’s going to be pretty hard to counter some of the lancer setups without flash bangs and or new weapon options. People started complaining about the GL and frags on vasgard and now they are gone/removed. People complained about the gnasher for years and they all but ruined the gnasher meta for this new installment. Again people be careful what you wish for, as is the game needs some tweaks and such but I’ve rather enjoyed it, let’s try not to take that road to judgement 2.0 and instead focus more on server issues and other things of this nature, this is supposed to be a competitive game for 2019 and I’ve yet to get that feel, the MP is a joke as of this moment.

Looking for some other thoughts and feedback, what do you guys think?

I believe the mains changes that need to be made first is within the multiplayer area.

Such as the red omen which majority of the community as far as I’m aware dislike.

The aim assist to be completely removed as well as the hit boxes being fixed.

Movement back to the way it was on gears 4 as gears 5 feels very slowly and clunky as many have said before.

Weapons such as rifles are alittle powerful…gnasher does alot of 98% so that needs looking into, Even 1 active boltok bullet will headshot a person…

The return of a well detailed war journal.

The list does go on but as long as they start on these main points I think they will be taking a step into the right direction and make many players happier