It's The Warden

It was confirmed on tonights developer stream that the Locust with the double melee weapons is named The Warden. Has there ever been a more appropriately named monster in Gears? I don’t know why but that name just struck a cord with me! <3 it!!



The Warden is a fitting name because he is guarding the most guarded door in Sera history. Like as niles said, proper identification is required to enter! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wardens are supposed to keep people in though, not out.

Oh really?

Maybe he appears when they try to leave the New Hope facility or something then and he’s like “you ain’t going nowhere “ :joy:

Not necessarily. It could be any person who has responsibility of a particular place.

In the context of prisons or say, a mental health institution it may be to keep people in; but the term is much broader.

Dual Maces vs Mark III Custom Lancers with Grenade Launchers.
Fair fight, hardest Boss battle in the Campaign, even on Inconceivable (!)

The ‘Warden’ didn’t do it’s job properly since Kait is bashing juvie skulls in with his mace lol.

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Ain’t no warden stopping this crazed Kait who pulled a gun on Del :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

If she does anything to Del I’ll forever hate her.

What like have a kid with Del or something?

Good, I like Del he’s probably my new favourite character from the new Gears era.

I know it’s one of those situations where it is out of anger where she pulled the gun on Del as she saw JD speak to Del before they left so she assumes that’s the only reason why he’s going even though he said he would before JD has a quick word.

I didn’t say she does, I just said she pulls a gun on him

It is very possible that something(s) are in there and being guarded.

Ah ok, reply was to me :+1:

Wow my post got deleted? Super lame.