Its the Inconsistency that hurts Gears 5

The games that play like hot hot garbage make me want to swear off Gears for good. The games that play amazing make me never want to play anything else but Gears.
The thing that drives me crazy is their are simple things that TC could/should do to make matches consistently top quality. It is glaringly obvious that matches w/large ping discrepancies make the games performance utter utter garbage. We have also reached a point in internet availability and internet quality, that it isn’t unreasonable to expect a player to have a minimum connection speed that allows for consistency and quality. You shouldn’t continue to allow players with ridiculously bad internet into matches. Particularly Ranked matches. Its not right to screw up match performance b/c 1 or 2 players out of 10 have ping that is over 100 ms and highly unstable-swinging wildly # wise. Those swings in speed cause packet loss and lag…it screws the match up completely for the other 8-9 players. Its time to lock it down region wise, and to have minimum internet soeed and stability requirements. I’m sorry, but if you can afford an Xbox one or a pc, and can pay for live gold, and the game itself, or an ultimate monthly membership, you can afford decent internet. You can also afford to run a wire from your router to your console or pc. I’m not saying that is mandatory, but their are lots of you guys out their that play over ■■■■■■ Wi-Fi, ruining matches for everyone, when all you have to do to vastly improve your internet quality is run a simple cord between your gaming equipment and your router. Sadly, their are lots of you out their whose equipment(router and console/pc) is IN THE SAME ROOM. If your ■■■■ is in the same room, RUN A WIRE…GD-IT…How lazy are you? Even if you have to run an exposed wire…DO IT. You can buy a long pre-made ethernet cord from Wal-Mart, Best-buy, any of the myriad of online tech stores, or Amazon. If you are too lazy, here are some links.:less than $15.00. If you can’t get good internet…sorry. You shouldn’t be allowed to play. It ruins the experience for everyone but you. If good internet is something you can’t get…I’m really really sorry. But that is just life.


you have to joking man… those walmart cables are not good …

Steren Ethernet Cat-7 ethernet cables are the way to go…


Maybe instead of complaining about everyone else you should try to encourage more people to play so that those players that you think have bad internet have more players in their regions to play.

It is not always their fault. Take my situation for example. I live 70 miles from the nearest large city which is only 30000 people. I hace the best internet I can get, a top of the line router and a wired connection. My ping to my nearest server is 60ms. Do I ever get put on my nearest server? Most games that I get put in are far away from me and my ping is over 100ms everywhere except on the west coast of the US.

Rarely do I actually play a game where it works right for me. When I get put somewhere other than my nearest server I have to shoot behind players to score hits because the server cant tell me fast enough where that guy is but my Xbox can see where he is because that is where the game is rendered.

It should go back to the way it was in gears of war 4 when I could select what region to play in and then find a match. It is complaints like this that people where hopping regions to find games that got that option taken away and drove a lot of people away, including me for almost a year and I have been playing this series scince 2006 when gears 1 came out. Through all of the ups and downs scince then our community has always been small and will continue to stay that way if we keep complaining about other players all the time.

We have never had numbers of players in the millions like call of duty did. This game is unforgiving and hard to master. This type of game appeals to a small amount of people compared to other shooter games. We need more players to play the game and we would see less people being place far away from where they live to play a match.


Its not further distance that makes ping unstable. If you have a solid connection, but your number goes up simply b/c you are connecting to a remote server…okay…i get that. That isn’t what im talking about. If your ping would be if connected to your closest data center, but instead your ping is 110…cause your out of your area…no problem. If your ping. Is 200ms, then bouncing up to 480…that isn’t a distance issue. That’s an, "I’m connected to my neighbours Wi-Fi, and right now their daughter is uploading a video to YouTube while watching tik toks . You dont need a super fast connection. Just have a good connection. I dont care how many new players would play if they all have garbage internet. It ruins the match for everyone.
@D_A_N_III_3_L dude, if people are too lazy to run an ethernet wire when their equipment is all in the same room, ill be doing good to get them to run any kind of wire.

I’ve been saying this for years. It’s simply not fair to ruin everyone else’s experience. Start experimenting with ping based matchmaking . Something I’m just gonna say cause someone has to. It’s mostly the Mexicans that are laggy. Im sure an amount of it is them with cheap internet but it’s not entirely that. they don’t have their own regional servers(I’m pretty sure they don’t). Let the laggy players play with other laggy players. But I’m sure a good amount of people in Mexico’s lag issues would be solved if they weren’t connecting to a sever in Utah or California from anywhere in Mexico. Not only is it not fair to the 8/10 but it’s not fair to people in Mexico to not have their own servers (especially since Mexico has easily become gears biggest fan base). They have the 4 US servers and a Brazil server so they’re split between the 2 regions. It’s not fair to anyone.

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Freaking PREACH.

AGREED 100% FFA IS A JOKE NOW. Always at least 2 . Atleast. Tht have pings 160 plus. Usually closer to 200 constantly

I dont even play IT anymore because of it.
I only play 2 v 2 and love it. U get less bs but will still get tht crazy 160 ping but not nearly as much. So pumped for the new 2 v 2 maps. And thts all im pumped about at the moment. The content is pure trash tht i will NEVER PLAY

@CreamSupreme848 I’ve posted many times on other post that Mexico needs its own server. I still say though, if you can afford everything else to get online and play, you can afford a semi decent connection. Its not like you have to have a gigabyte. A 3 meg connection is plenty as long as their arent 10 people using it. I’m not trying to make this about socio economics. Its just about fact. If you don’t own a Stock car, you can’t race at Talladega. If you don’t have a decent internet connection…you can’t play. Im sorry that you really really love gears and want to play. Its not “fair” for 1 or 2 people to screw over 8 or 9. The quality of game performance must become a priority. Playing with unstable high ping laggy players is miserable. They teleport, they are almost impossible to down b/c they aren’t ever where you see them, they kill you through walls and around corners, they Insta down you b/c you never see or hear them coming, make the game Rubber band…etc etc. Its garbage to see them get MVP. The lag comp is also so loaded in their favor on top of all the other stuff. Quality of gameplay needs to come first.
@v_PeRK_v that has been my experience with FFA as well. Its nothing personal. I just want the game to perform as well as it possibly can. Restricting poor internet would go a long way. Imho, this should be a no brainer across the board for all online games.


Yeah, it’s a shame because I actually like the game but all these inconveniences ruin it for me. Imagine playing against someone who doesn’t die because of the sponge but he kills you instantly, and eventually at end match writes “EZ”.

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Yea that was gears 4 for 3 years. It made gears 4 a love/hate relation ship for me. On 1 hand I loved the game On the other I hated the community. Now with gears 5 it’s I hate the game I hate the community but loved gears 4 so much that I hold on to hope for TC to dig themself out of the ditch that Rod left them in.

With this chunk of text I can only bring up this; “The opposite of love is not hate, for love and hate require an equal amount of passion and the true opposite to love and hate is indifference.”

Do with that, as you will.

I loved Gears 4, it had its problems but atleast they didn’t try to make it an aim assist fest. Right Gears 5? RIGHT?

Lol that’s the least of their concerns rn. A huge problem is the gnasher being broken. I have a clip from earlier today. I hit someone with the gnasher you can see the pellets on their body and it doesn’t register the second shot.
the trajectory of the gnasher doesn’t make sense either. I’ll hit someone to the side of their body and it still hits or when I think a shot should hit it doesn’t even when I’m point blank touching then with my gnasher. Or how about when someone sponges shots then shoots you when looking the opposite direction. I have clips of those too I just have to find them if you want them.

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I don’t need to watch clips, I can play the game and see how the Gnasher doesn’t work by myself.


Big facts :joy:. Sometimes I forget that this is everyone’s experience.

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I agree that matchmaking needs to be better in regards to regions, but to say that because people can afford an Xbox/PC/etc. they can afford good internet is simply ignorant. Hell, most of America still doesn’t have access to more than around 3mbps download speed. Outside of your cities and towns in only slightly rural locations this is a known problem. I literally called the internet company that is providing those 3mbps and their systems don’t even show that they cover that area anymore. So please, don’t assume that simply because people can afford tech that they have access to higher speed internet.

Both are good points. I dunno. I have good net. Where ever I get out at I have decent pings. Never over 60

It’s not the inconsistency that hurt the game…

its " the lack of vision" and " low levels of common sense" that really destroyed Gears 5.

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as he listens, a small whimper escapes…


im playing right now GOW 3 and compairing it to Gears 5 it really seems that GOW 3 its way ahead of its time.


I get screwed with my 2 to 6 ping. No bs

The implement lag input is real. I dont care what anyone says. If my ping is tht low and my opponent is 60 plus. I should have an advantage. But no. They basically are the host and im a bot