It's super minor but... (Unawarded Banners)

I just noticed something when checking out all the stuff I had accumulated and noticed a few things which annoyed me.

Ever since OP 1 and OP 2 (yes it’s a long time ago now) I have a few banners never unlocked, like I’ll never ever use these but I do want them, but since they were never in the Tour Reward Pools (on further inspection) they never got added to any accounts. Or atleast I haven’t got them but I’ve done all tours but the 3rd and 7th, so any I missed there were my fault.

The banners in question are:

Operation 1

Enlisted Banner I

Operation 2

Corporal II
Lieutenant Colonel II
Master Sargeant II
Private Banner II
Sergeant First Class II
Sergeant Major II
Staff Sergeant II

Also it would be nice to be able to unlock the Kat, Emile and Sarah Connor Banners/bloodsprays as they were tied to rank progression, but then removed (for whatever reason) the main series got added to the featured store list (but I’ve yet to see them) but these as they stand are unobtainable which is annoying me.

They do show up in your collection but aren’t achievable

Also maybe since you are doing Weekly Hives and daily horde can we get the Leaderboard award system again. as it stand now there is no rime or reason for going for low times except for people whom want to go for those and did like the system back in the day, plus the Arid Gale skins are one of the best looking sets and I have it only partially complete :sob:


The reason was that classes were no longer locked to those specific characters. Some of the progression banners have been featured in the store.

One of the many things that should have been addressed a long time ago, even if it’s not a big deal.
And I bet TC is not even aware of this unrewarded banners.

I asked Octus about this a long while ago and his repsonse that was players got annoyed at TC listing tons of “content” and equating banners as being equal to skins.

TC initially launched Gears 5 has more content than Gears 4 but included bloodsprays banners etc being equal to character skins and weapon sets, which the fans did not agree with

So partway into developing for Operation 2 TC made the decision to remove those items from the reward pools but they still showed up in people inventories as unearned content.

THe solution to me seemed to be to just award it to people, but TC never got around to it.

Uh. Well that makes sense. Really i just wish they removed them from the pool, will make the list a bit less clogged.

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