It's starting to happen

July of last year I posted this.

In September last year I expanded upon it

And over the past week I’ve really seen the number of KB&M users increase a bit.

This isn’t going to end well when TC inevitably ramps the controller Aim Assist up ten-fold to compensate.

Edit: We’ve seen how bad the game played when it came out and both the Aim Assist and Bullet Magnetism values were insane.

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Probably these kb&m are making the controller players quit due to the huge non existent advantage on kb&m?

Or you could be mistaken…

Try doing another “experiment” and log how many kb&m players you find on all game modes, then ask TC for their numbers.

Good luck👍

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It’s starting to happen

you’re the reason im getting triple lancer’d regularly

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you think hes scared?

I don’t think it’s people quitting due to KB&M because there’s still not enough of them to have that widespread of an impact, last year it would be one player in a hundred games — I could play for weeks and not even find one.

I think it’s that more people are switching to KB&M or at least Controller/Mouse Hybrid. If it ever gets to the point where every lobby you join has 2/3 KB&M players in it, people are going to start complaining en masse and if nothing is done they’re going to start quitting. We were at like 0.001%, and now it’s like 0.5% and for this to happen we’d need to be at 30-40%.

PC players have definitely made people quit, and the amount of them who’ve quit seems fairly dramatic, but what’s also happened is that a lot of people have switched to PC. Similarly, more people are going to switch to KB&M — it’s not going to be a horde of random KB&M players popping up and replacing everyone, it’s going to be the people who already play the game switching to KB&M.

This is completely set up for Gears 5 aim assist-at-launch disaster.

Edit: There isn’t enough of them to do an experiment on either, I’m playing against like 3-4 different KB&M people every time I play the game, that’s a lot compared to last year but it’s still nothing compared to how many controller players there are.

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Should we petition for the PC icon to return? Maybe an input icon as well? Lots of games have an input icon.

Not entirely convinced the kill cam is reliable, but agree certain movements aren’t possible on a controller.

While I’ll never believe it’s quite the even playing field out there, as long as people realize using particular equipment raises their score but not their “skill”, I can live with it.

I figured the mobile version of the game would have the insane aim assist. Did a thread about it a couple years back. No one here seemed to have used it. Fortnite was literally aim bot on mobile when it first launched.

The only things these icons do is eliminate plausible deniability — TC removed them in an attempt to stop people from rightfully complaining, they’re definitely not going to add them back. People have more than every right to complain about PC & KB&M but it’s the same complaining that’s going to kill the game when we get the most powerful aim assist GoW has ever seen 3-4 months after Gears 6 launch.

Or maybe the opposite will be true. KB/M will become the new norm.

Since Xbox makes money off controllers, I doubt this. Yet maybe we see more gaming KB/M options from them.