Its official now, boys and girls

My kids have inherited my pro MLG skillz. But first… a little backstory. So I met this girl, over the moon for her, birds and bees, all that jazz blah blah. Fast forward almost 5 years later and I have a 4 and half year old daughter and a 3 and half year old son.

Over the last year or so, I would occasionally hand the controller to either one of the kids if they were just sittin next to me while I was browsin facebook or some sh*t, idk and they would just stand there and spin the character violently while emptying lancer clips in the air, you know like those automatic AFKers you see in Ranked lulz.

Earlier this week, I gave my daughter the controller and thought to myself, well Golden Gun is one shot kill, maybe she’d get lucky. So I pointed to the screen and told her where to go, when to shoot. Voila she gets her first kill on Checkout. Yeah I know, 2 guys missed their shot right in front of her and the 3rd dude just walked right into it. I was ecstatic. Her eyes were just as wide as mine.

Come today. my sons sittin next to me in the big papa recliner, hes like yo dad… u suk. Lemme get on that shiznit already. Im like ok show me what you got. Gave controller to him, showed him where to go, and this is where he gets interesting (remember hes only 3 and half). He would keep goin behind cover and not shoot until he sees locust. And then it just happened. SAME MAP (Checkout). Got the shot off behind cover and some random dude just walked right into it out of nowhere. I was speechless. Me and him ran to the kitchen and told the wifey, you would not believe what just happened! And shes lookin at us with the most condescending smile like aww sweetie im so happy for you, while proceeding to give the same amount of f*cks that shes always given.

I had realized how much easier it was to tell them NOT to use the right stick (camera), just kept it down to the basics . Walk/Strafe and shoot. And yes I know, I didn’t have to write a book in this thread but hey, when you got kids… Hell I didn’t even pick up a controller myself until I was almost 10.

Legit proudest dad moment right here guys (holdin tears back and one fist pump high).

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Man, why you gotta rain on my parade? I don’t need another 4 year old to be a more valuable player to our team than myself. :confounded:


You know I suck so bad at Golden gun Im pretty sure your kid likely killed me and lets face it check out is the best map for that game


Ah this made me bust up. Love it.

Unfortunately the post is lost on most of these people as the only f*cks they give are the ones titled “this ranking system is trash” etc

My soon to be 7 year old daughter, who has been on a fortnite spree lately, started up gears a couple days ago. I had to leave for a min and when I came back she had the controller in hand with a smirk. She’s done a hell of a lot better than I did when I started. She’ll say “oh my god I’m addicted to this game”

Congrats on your kids now becoming official badasses.


Congrats man, sooner than you know your kids will be like “c’mon noob, keep up” :slight_smile:

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Excellent. :slight_smile:
My then 8 year old (she is 12 now) used to do a few waves on Horde, Gears 3 for me.
Although she used to prefer throwing civilians to their doom in Crackdown (I let her have a go now and then, with the sound muted!) !!


I’ve played Gears since I was 11 years old :grin: