It's not the slide speed.. it's the responsiveness of the inputs... (GoW4 vs G5)

So few days ago some friends wanted to play some versus for dailies, and we ended up in social (not coop)…

I had a particularly bad experience, with everything, controls, movement, gnasher, etc… I left, I just couldn’t take it anymore (it was social, right)…

I fired up GoW4 and just jumped into a private game and I was shocked by the difference between what I was feeling/seeing there vs what I just experienced in G5…

I realized that it wasn’t the raw movement/slide SPEED that was so turning me off… the controls… in GoW4, when I tell the character to do something, it just DOES IT… be it slide, run, roll… chaining movements together is great, works perfectly, every time… The controls just respond…

In G5, that is not the case, for me… there is this feeling of some buffering, some particular discrete points where you have to press your input, otherwise it’s ignored, so you can’t provide inputs as quickly as you are able, you kinda have to slow yourself down, and judge when you think the game is ready for the next input…

I know, I know, this is hardly technical, or proof or whatever… But this is very much the feeling I got, jumping immediately from one game to the next…

I like G5 Horde. I do… I like it more than GoW4 horde…

But Versus??? Please… I will happily play GoW4 Coop against hardcore/insane AI over any versus in G5… The game play itself is just FUN…

Anyhow, those are just my impressions/opinions… You have your own, and if you feel the opposite, that’s cool…

For me, the switch from GoW4 versus to G5 has been the biggest let down in my (limited) PvP video game ‘career’… (I never played Gears PvP before GoW4, only PvE).


They took out a bunch of little things that allowed chaining biggest gripre for my is no be able to set up a slide directly out of a roll. In gears 4 it felt so natural to do it. But now we can slide backwards into cover.

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I would say the input lag is much more apparent now than ever.
But i do think the slow slide speed is a factor also.
Ryan cleven said it mulitlple times that the slide etc etc was in the game because without it. It felt like moving in quick sand.
MOVING IN MUD is not fun.

They need to do something asap. The game is just bad at this point.
I have tried playing mulitple tiimes this week.
The game just feels sloppy and you notice how slow the game is THEE ENTIRE time playing.
Alot of people need to bite their pride and admit they were WRONG SAYING THE GAME NEEDED TO BE SLOWER. Because this is the END RESULT.

AND IM not going to pay 500 to 600 plus for the SERIES X just to see if it was the input lag thats making this game feel like junk. Because i already know its not the main culprit. Less input lag would definitely help but imo. I think its the slide speed.
Also. Why in the world does everything else in this game feel slower on top of the slide speed.
Example - the camera movement feels slower also. Mantling feels slower. Switching weapons feels slower.
Lowering the slide speed to 600 cant be the reason for every thing else to be slower also.

So ill just keep on trolling the forums to see if its going be fixed
If not. All well. Ive already been “TRYING” To play other games. TALE OF A PLAGUE, BATTLE TOADS, JEDI FALLEN.

Its very disheartening to see a franchise i love weathering away.

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The input delay is noticeable and even worse on Xbox One (I’m on One X)

I’m actually trying to learn classic alt right now in part because of the improvement of input delay when sliding. Any benefit from this of course has been at least partially negated by the slide speed reduction and overall slow down of the game, but it just feels better to not have to deal with that delay.

To this day I much prefer the gears 4 movement mechanics. I miss that game.


Hehe, my comments are from a player who uses classic alt on an xbox one X… I can only imagine how much worse this is on other configurations…

It’s honestly the movement speed, slide speed, and tons of other things here and there. This game has turned into a up A fest every game you play and back A doesn’t stop it like in gears 4. At this moment gears 5 is dead to me and I will continue playing gears 4. If gears 6 is anything like 5 I will be done with gears.