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It's not the bugs.. It's the lack of fun

My main short rant is that Horde & Escape are just not fun. It’s not the bugs, its the lack of fun.

Horde: You literally could of taken Gears 4 Horde gameplay + Gears 5 Graphics & Tech Maps = done! All this new ish is unnecessary. The power taps, moving around the map, making everything expensive, having people upgrade themselves, HALO CHARACTERS (GROSS - way to break the immersion of the universe), etc. List goes on and on. Keep Jack… that was a good idea. All you needed to do was the above with these few tweaks:

  1. Engineers have the ability to lock down the fab. Only Eng can move it, buy from it, upgrade equipment.
    Also unlock the fab when playing with a team that doesn’t have newbs or trolls.
  2. Overall… you’ve killed the purpose of each class. I won’t go into details here but it’s kinda obvious what I mean.
    I love playing engineer but with no power deposited and everyone playing for themselves… no point really.

Then there’s Escape:

  1. God why are their only 2 shots in anything I seem to pick up? Why even bother?
  2. Lockers are in there now? How long has that been a thing. Also… they still dont help refilling ammo at a snails
    pace. We deployed two and it just didn’t matter. With venom gaining on us… had to leave the weapons behind.
    Did anyone actually think that idea through?
  3. The deck is stacked so badly against the players its just not fun.

Anyway… that is all. Gears 5 is an amazing technical demo… but a fun game outside of campaign it is not.


Gears 3 horde was the Best. They should of built off that. I didn’t care at all for 4. 5 is ok. It is lacking fun though. I remember I use to have to run for my life on 3 in certain situations. Haven’t done that in 4 or 5.


Yes, it is the fun and the feeling that is missing, not the glitches, characters and maps


Yes, I agree completely. I was always so excited to start a game of Horde and had so much fun. That was pretty much all I played for years. A couple weeks ago I fell asleep playing a boss wave on Gears 5 and I didn’t even care. At that point I knew it was time to give up on this mess… I may check back when I see some new maps or changes…


Try playing with a regular team and communicate.

And bugs? You can actually have fun with bugs too :slight_smile:
Yesterday we were playing a master horde on Exhibit and our Jack somehow died while he was trying to use his ultimate. All of a sudden we had a glitched duplicate jack in the game :rofl:


I’ve gone from a couple of horde matches a day to maybe a couple of matches per week. I stopped caring for ToD, dailys, stars, awards or whatever.
I actually think it’s more fun these days to join random matches on elite or similar. You never know what you gonna get. Your team consists of low level Lahnis, JDs who throws away their Lancers, Halo-characters or whatever. Unexpected things can occur.
Master is just dull. Every match plays the same with the same tactic on the same maps.


Or sometimes on Beginner level: Building fortifications!? Oh please!! :smirk:

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That might be a little to much even for me. I at least want the team to move in kind of the same direction.

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Going to disagree with you on that one. I think Gears 4 horde grew on me as I’m sure many (myself included) hated it at first. But after at least seeing the potential and really enjoying Scout / Engineer and unlocking other abilities really really started to enjoy it. 4 Horde is my default and i play it 75% of the time with every other game with the rest.

I don’t know about you but I’ve played several matches where we had to run for our lives in 4. Just have a team that isn’t quite up to snuff… problem solved. lol


4 was lacking Bosses and enemies for me. The classes were better than 5. TC won’t remove the character base class which sucks for me in 5. I been in a couple of Horde matches where del will quit or someone will and your done. Can’t upgrade can’t get a weapons locker. You know what I mean.


Haven’t ran from anything like the berserker since Gear’s 3. Name something to run from since than? Matriarch

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Maybe the game would be fun if there was more than 6 maps


I love escape, it actually reminds me of something Cliff said back before Gears one. One of his influences was resilient evil, namely 4 due to the over the shoulder camera.
Escapes limited ammo gives me a RE vibe plus it’s a good challenge. I look forward to getting new hives and its map maker are brilliant( we just need more reason to play them, progression of some kind)
Overall I feel like it emphasizes teamwork, something lacking in gears today.

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Exactly a bad game can still be good if it’s fun. This is just boring in every regard


I like it too. I find fun finding what characters were playing at the time when I join. There was a match at wave 34 that was only a Mac, but the base had 2 weapons lockers with Lancer LG, a Forge, many barriers and other locker with boomshot. Why Baird or Del, JD, Jack and Keegan leave the game? Had Mac the fault? Was he a troll, or the others were trolls?

It’s like being a detective or a paleontologist on something that no one cares xD

Today I joined a custom horde, Advanced, but the only non AI player was a Kait.
So please answer me this utterly serious question: Why the hell I choosed JD instead of an Engineer!? :thinking:


Maybe JD is level 18, and engies are low level
Maybe you need to lvl up JD or getting cards.
Maybe was the wave 50 and you need more firepower than defenses
You like how Lancer LG does bleeding damage
You don’t like to use engies
Because the chatter between JD and Kait.

Because I don’t know at which wave you joined, these are the best answer for me. If I know the wave I can delete some options :stuck_out_tongue:

I joined around wave 9. But few waves later I left her… :roll_eyes: Every A.I were around her and I was on the other side of the Forge’s control room, repairing my fortifications. :roll_eyes:

My JD is around level 13 and my Baird is level 6, my Del is level 2 or 3… :thinking:

My COG is level 17. :sunglasses:

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I have been saying since Gears of War 4 Horde that only the Engineer should be the one to build and repair, also the only one that can move the Fabricator.
The Energy should be dumped at the end of the wave for the Engineer to build from. The only thing i have not decide upon yet is Weapons and sundries in the Fabricator, all i can think of is each and every character should be able to customise their characters, make their own loadout instead of buying weapon after weapon after weapon.
I was in a game once where a complete noob played one round with 5 different weapons he got from the Fabricator. There was no Energy left for building.
Yes, the Engineer, builds and repairs, and has full access to the Fabricator, and only the Engineer, all Fabrications can be locked down by the Engineer too. For me, this makes the character completely unique.
Personal loadouts, i definatly would not be stuck with the Enforcer or the Embar, damn i hate them bloody things.
Personal Skills should not cost Energy. It is wasted Energy that could be used for something more important like a Weapons Locker.
Escape should not exist, it is a dumb idea that has no place in Gears. Jack, i never liked, the Forge needs to go and so do the Taps.
Jack could be used for reviving team mates and help the Engineer repair if needed, other than that, i can not think of any reason why Jack needs to stay in the game. But the Forge and the Taps MUST go.


To me its the lack of MAPS. Especially
2 v 2.

Been saying it every where i go.
Just give us ALL FATHERS , LEFT, CENTER , RIGHT SIDE CENTERS and all variations and tht would be atleast 9 new maps.
You could make each map. Dusk, dawn, day and night just to mix it up a bit.