It's not about the community it's about esports

(Quinn Quiver) #81

The Gnasher shotgun is a great weapon but not a perfect one I would advise you try your best to damage the enemy or stun them with a smoke grenade before engaging in a shotgun battle of luck and timing.

(ll R E D l) #82

It doesn’t matter because the POINT BLANKS dont work

(Quinn Quiver) #83

Point blanks are satisfying but there are many ways to solve 1 problem my friend perhaps going for downs using your ranged weapons and accuracy will produce better results. Trust me I understand what you’re saying.

(ll R E D l) #84

I understand where your coming from too but in cq you need the shotgun

(zimaknights) #85

Such a pessimist haha.

They have definitely improved. TC have engaged and done a lot more with the community than Epic ever did e.g Dev Streams, Dev blogs, Videos and a community team that does more than just moderate forums. While Epic was more focused on creating the game the way they wanted e.g Gears 2, and not what the community did. Just have a look at what Epic is doing to Fortnite and you’ll realise they would ruin Gears - not to mention a lot of the development team that worked on Gears has since left Epic Games.

You’re talking about one instance for an insignificant cosmetic item that doesn’t even affect you. It was never confirmed it was a ‘D5 Full House’ reward, but only a potential reward and it was originally only for the first person to achieve a D5 full house. However, the fact that only 20 players achieved it was so minor that it seems silly they didn’t give out the blood moon as a reward.

(XxWreckedSoulxX) #86

If you want games like that, it’s all over on Bethesda. Yes, they may have made some anniverseries, remaster, blah blah blah, but they always try to make a series that’s fresh and games that are new.

(XxWreckedSoulxX) #87

I mean, look at Warframe. It’s free and it still does better than Fortnite, and sad to say, this game. Big clap to Warframe, seriously.

They make continuous updates, hotfixes, STORIES, etc. Lets not forget the best part: It’s all free.

(J4CKA1) #88

Their model is amazing. I also hate the gameplay. So…

(Viytalic) #89

Remind me next year.

Its not a pessimistic view if its realistic. its been 2 years of this Gears of war 4’s issues, you can only look at the good but i focus on the bad when it outweighs the good.

Tell me exaclty as a Gears of war player, what those dev streams, dev blogs, videos and community have done for me as a gamer? To improve on the RNG, the matchmaking, the ranking system, the horde skills locked behind RNG, unscrappable characters, more ways to earn scrap etc… that they talked about fixing. 2 years later and they couldnt have at least made it so that you cant just create the horde cards you dont have instead of waiting for it hopefully pop up in a pack? They even admit its not perfect but its more of a “well were just gonna keep milking you and well promise to do better with the next you have to buy.”

Epic’s content and communication is way higher, what do you mean “look what they did to Fortnite”? The game is much newer and is constantly being worked on to become better, it also doesnt take itself to serious, id gladly trade back Epic in a heart beat. Hell go on those forums or reddit, Epic consistently are known to write back and add stuff in from the community.

Ive seen it time again wtih companys that have “good communication” yet never truly improve. If all it takes is 10 minutes to write some typical PR answer to reassure the community, they will do it. They claim that Gears 4 has more players online then what Gears 3 had in its prime, id gladly look at that proof.

(XxWreckedSoulxX) #90

If you don’t like having to wait for things to build and farm, then of course you’ll hate it.

EDIT: Also, it’s what you would expect from a free game, but they do it in a good and organized way.

(XxWreckedSoulxX) #91

It’s all luck and money hungry. There is no skill in the game. People walk through the structures you put down and people get the luckiest bloom in the world. The game is filled with unfair.

(RC 5052) #92

Wow, someone actually had a response based in fact in this forum and acknowledged the postive things TC has done. Kinda rare. :+1:

(RC 5052) #93

I agree, Fortnite may be fun to most people but I feel like there’s not alot of skill involved besides building a skyscraper until the enemy reveals themselves.

Nice Zen pic btw

(Viytalic) #94

I didnt say it was perfect but it does require skill of course, trust me i ■■■■ on Fortnite all the time for the bloom but id say that is my main and only real issue with the game.

It does take skill to build in this game and there is a skill gap of building to be defsensive and building to attack.

Fortnite is money hungry is true and untrue, first of all its free so it has more right than gears to charge for skins.

The alternative for people that dont want to spend tons? Spend no more than £8 and you get unlimited access to new content every 2 months through one battlepass. You essentially get unlimited content as you keep getting future battlepasses for free.

(ll R E D l) #95

I love how this post is about Gears and now everyones talking about fortnight the 2 arent comparable go somewhere else and talk about it please

(Godwoken) #96

They killed a big part of the community when gears 2 came out… It was nothing like gears 1 at all… it was garbage. They will never learn how to keep their fan base happy

(Bleeding Pepper) #97

Really? While I accept that all sequels will have put off some fans of the previous game(s) (just because sequels will involve new things and some people juat dont like change), many also gain alot of new fans too. I also would have thought the number who went off Gears after GOW2 would have been a very small number. I’m fairly sure GOW2 sold alot more than GOW1 did.

(TC Octus) #98

If you watched the stream, you’d note we said we’d consider awarding it beyond World’s First based on how many achieved it.

Too many people ended up achieving it so we didn’t do it. It was never promised for that exact reason - otherwise it could have gone out to 100s when it’s meant to be extremely exclusive which would have been more unfair to current owners.

(TC Octus) #99