It's not about the community it's about esports

(J4CKA1) #41

Then we disagree on principle because I see your reasons as flimsy. Good day, sir.

(HayMaker304) #42

I mean isn’t the goal of the game to be the most effective killing machine possible? So your saying by guys finding the exploited to be better killers that you hate them because you didn’t take the same path they did? I’m just trying to understand your reasoning. Basically your a foot soldier saying your mad at fighter pilots for killing your enemy’s so fast lol

(The Sloth T34) #43

not when they ruin skills/maps. Also the word is dislike not hate.

(HayMaker304) #44

That had nothing to do with how people played the game. It had to with TC’s reaction to how people played their game. It’s not like diablo and blizzard and guys actually hacking the game,it’s guys playing the game as designed and using all of their skills as advantages. I’m pissed because of the hammer of dawn price ups over the seasons of the game. I’m also pissed about being. Re-up 5 and still not having all the horde skill cards but that doesn’t make me pissed at speed runners it makes me upset with TC.

(The Munkey) #45

Nah, Gears of War is doing fine. Game development of a major AAA franchise cant be easy, and meeting fan expectations is an impossible task anyway. Sure, there are some things I wish Gears 4 had done differently, but then some people might disagree with me and love things I dont. Who’s right?

The core of the franchise, that sweet savory sexy gameplay, I say TC got right. The rest of it is just icing. I hate RNG, but I can live with it when maps are free and in the end its just cosmetics.

Multiple tunings is weird, but on the other hand it shows that TC is willing to experiment. Thats nothing but a plus in my book.

I applaud their new and incredibly deep approach to horde, but admit it wasnt my favorite iteration.

Im not a fan of crossplay, but dont deny that it likely helped save some PC players who paid honest money for the game who likely almost had no one to play with.

All kinds of things I wish were a little different, but Im sure TC wishes everyone liked their game too. The kudos goes to TC because I honestly think they do care, hence the constant updates and experimentation.

That said, they need to let me earn Big Rig Dizzy before I flip out!

(The Sloth T34) #46

yeah and why do think they raised the price?
example on Lfg: horde insane speed run on map x
max HOD know what you’re doing

(Quinn Quiver) #47

I just want a single universal weapons tuning/setting that the entire Gears community can enjoy so that we can all get back to the old days testing our skills against eachother and fighting like brothers not this silly split the playerbase in half nonsense. I don’t think I’m asking for much but I definitely believe it’s the biggest picture around

(HayMaker304) #48

Again. That’s TC’s fault not any of the players.

(Quinn Quiver) #49

Willingness to experiment is great and all but a lack of common sense not so much. Gears 4 would have been 10times better with just 1 universal setting that we all play on… right now hopping into a competitive escalation or execution match Solo is a joke you’d be lucky to have 3 players stay in the match for more than 8 minutes

(Duffman GB) #50

're the loot boxes and skins, have we got the highest number of unique characters/skins compared with other shooters in the same genre, specifically third person ones.
I do love that we have so much choice, yes there are duds but that is not surprising given the amount t.

I do agree with the op about 2 tunnings being silly.

(Xenokai) #51

I 100% agree and im surprised that they haven’t deleted this post, mods on these forums seem to always delete posts that say anything negative even tho its often useful criticism about the game. I like that gears has a esports following but its so focused its drove alot of the core players away. Having the 2 tuning’s really kills chances of new players getting better. Social limited to 2 players instead of 3-4 really turns off people as well as alot of decent players have friends and family who aren’t to good at the game but would like to play with in social so its not a blood bath in core/comp.

I hope they listen for gears 5.

(ll R E D l) #52

I actually had to change a few things in the post and title so it wouldnt get deleted

(ShadowBLADE482) #53

They say only “cosmetic items” for the packs but anything involving Esports, Black Steel even the trash all Kait skins are rigged, that also includes the Gnasher as it is inconsistent. I could hit a black steel Marcus point blank and I’ll get 75% with three hits just because he’s black steel, even then if they are regular characters I get the same percentage and even have clips of me coming from behind and point blanking them, then them turning around and one shorting me like I barely even touched them. Ranking is horrible as I could get first place and win all my five matches and get gold on KOTH when all five matches I got 40+ kills, so yea this is trash they don’t do anything to improve it and the only reason the Gnasher is like that is because too many people cried getting killed at a decent range which is where the gnasher should be. In this case I feel no difference from core Gnasher to competitive Gnasher, core doesn’t even feel in it’s own lane.

(TC Octus) #54

We always post patch notes with full transparency unless it’s more miscellaneous stuff (like a very rare occurring crash fix).

(TC Octus) #55

We’ve got the feedback on this and it’s something we’re hoping to re-address in the future at some point.

(TC Octus) #56

The answer to that question is a firm yes.

There’s a misconception that Esports is a huge focus for the studio. We care deeply about Esports and about supporting the scene - we have a team dedicated to the Esports program - but it’s a factor in our game development, not the focal point of it.

The reason the game is still supported is because we care about our players. It’s why our Community Team has grown post-launch, not reduced. It’s why our Live Team continues to do as much as we can to support the game while we are building Gears 5. We’ve done so much based on fan feedback even in the past 6 months, and we’re still going.

(TC Octus) #57

That’s not true either. In fact, we review a lot of the deleted posts on the community team and it’s about HOW the negative feedback is presented rather than it being negative.

The key is to be starting or contributing constructive responses that can actually be useful to the team. Much of the stuff that gets deleted is along the lines of 'XYZ SUCKS!!!11!!!" with no context - and we’re not going to support discussions of that nature because it doesn’t benefit anybody.

If you’re finding stuff is getting deleted, consider your tone and your point. Focus on the latter and explain your thinking / reasoning.

(The Sloth T34) #58

The players abused these exploits. This is a case where both TC and the player are at fault.
TC for the way they run the in game economy.
The players for their greed.

(TC Octus) #59

You’re seeing things. That doesn’t exist.

Your initial placement is based on a number of things:

  • Your Placement last season
  • Your performance in Placement matches (Wins, Score etc)
  • ‘Walk Back’ impact

The last point is important. As we’ve mentioned before, since Season 2, we changed our Ranked Placements based on player feedback to ‘walk you back’ a little from where your intended Tier should be.

We do this for two reasons.

  1. It achieves what players asked for, which is having to work a little to re-earn your Rank
  2. It allows for more time for your Skill Rating to be properly assessed

This is why you’ll find you move at a quick pace through the Ranks to near where you were last Season. Based on your performance along the way, which will impact your Skill Rating, you may find it slows down before or after your last Season placement also if your Skill Rating has gone down or up.

(Viytalic) #60

Im afraid were all in for a big shock come Gears 5.

You say they improved? What about not giving 20 people the blood imago after they promised?

“We care about our players” pffft…

Please give EPIC a blank check to come back to this game and have TC make their own game.